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6 Of The Funniest Photos On The Internet

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, we all need a little bit of lighthearted laughter. That’s what these pictures will bring you. Just try not to smile as you stare at them in all their glory.

Were They Accomplices?

Do you think that this woman stabbed her husband with the squirrel as a weapon? Or perhaps she did so with the squirrel as her partner in crime? Either way, it’s ridiculous.

Saw The Cat Do It

This old dog saw the cat lay lie this one time and he decided he could do it too. Dogs don’t have the amazing balance that cats have but they are willing to try anything.

One Way Door

This poor dog thought it would be fun to peek through the doggy door. Little did he know that what goes in doesn’t always come out. This was so much easier as a puppy.

Fixed It For You

This is waht kids think about your little home repairs. You just wing it. Are the other Barbie’s to judge this one after her cosmetic surgery due to her accident?

Where Is The Cat?

There’s two ways this could go. Either this dog is hiding the cat so he can play with it how he wants. Or the cat crawled under the dog because it’s warm and cozy.

It Is You

If there’s one Lionel Ritchie song that everyone knows, it’s “Hello.” Especially now that he’s an American Idol judge and even Generation Z is familair with him.