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6 people that look completely different before and after puberty

When was the last time you looked at an old picture of yourself? And by old, I mean a picture of your prepubescent self.

How well did you transition through those dark years? Did you come out on the other side as a much different version of yourself? Or just a slightly older looking version of yourself?

Some people have amazing transitions either naturally or surgically.

Here are 6 people who have shared their before and after pictures on TikTok

1. Out of the park

Puberty hit him into a whole new universe! He’s an entirely different person—or at least he looks like one.

2. I guess she’s a winner

Would love to know what the trophy is for. Too bad she’s lost that great smile though.

3. Lost and found

His jaw line that is. It’s amazing the change’s losing baby fat brings about.

4. Express yourself

I bet this lovely lady has more strength in her baby finger that most of us have. Love the hair.

5. Survivor

Look at her beautiful smile. Life isn’t beating her down. And she’s looking amazing in the after photo!

6. Carry over

There are some things are faces seem to lose as we transition through puberty. I’m happy to note he still has that smile!