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6 people who lost their limbs but not their sense of humor

Life can sometimes be a little bit more challenging for people who have lost an arm, leg, or pinky toe, but just because they’ve lost a body part doesn’t mean they’ve lost their sense of humor. In fact, some amputees are uniquely suited to having more fun than “two-legged freaks” with their cheeky jokes!

Amputees can bring it on during Halloween by dressing up as one-legged pirates and flesh-eating zombies, get tattoos of the little piggy that went to the market, make stubby snow angels in the snow, and even wear hilarious T-shirts that poke fun at their lack of body parts.

“Gonna request a refund.”

Some people are so impatient! Doesn’t he know that it takes a couple of applications before you can the pinky finger will start to sprout?

Amputee Adventure Time Costume

Save the wrong hand jokes for someone who cares. It’s not like she had a choice in the matter!

“Every year for Halloween (and occasional comic cons), I like to do something fun that uses my arm as something empowering 😀 This year I chose adventure time and I got to have a flipping fLOWER BRANCH ARM!”

“Thanks, McDonald’s”

Well, you have to hand it to McDonald’s for trying. I guess they just couldn’t quite put their finger on a winning slogan!


“They tried to come up with another slogan but they kept getting stumped.”

“My friend who lost his leg this summer…”

First Sharknado, now this. When will the madness stop? At least it didn’t take this guy very long to get over his missing leg and start laughing about it!

“Lose right arm and break my left hand friend gives me this shirt”

This is his punishment for breaking his only good hand. He couldn’t get dressed, so his best friend offered to help!


“How often do people go in for handshakes only to realize their mistake halfway through?”

Well, 1 out of 2 isn’t bad…

This gorgeous lady won’t have any problems getting a leg up in the world. She’s absolutely outstanding!