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7 movies that destroyed celebrity relationships

I’ve always wondered how people don’t end up dating after shooting a movie together. Keep it professional? Please. How can you keep things professional when you are in a steamy carriage in the heart of the Titanic with Leonardo Dicaprio? It’s just not possible.

As a result, however, some relationships have gotten a bit dicey from on-screen events. Check out these 7.

1. Cleopatra

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor starred in Cleopatra and they REALLY didn’t like each other. They called each other names and truly didn’t like one another… that was until their first on screen kiss. They literally couldn’t stop and when their spouses found out, their marriages were done. They ended up marrying each other!

2. Mr. & Ms. Smith

It’s pretty clear that this movie was at fault for Brad and Jennifer’s marriage ending. Well, it’s not clear but it’s likely. After shooting, Brad and Jennifer divorced and guess who Brad’s next fling-turned-marriage was with? Boom, Brangelina.

3. To Have and Have Not

Humphrey Bogart and Mayo Methot were married, but after rumors surfaced of him and Lauren Bacall surfaced, it was finished. They met on set and had an age difference of 25 years.

4. The Outlaw Josey Wales

Clint Eastwood isn’t immune from relational drama. He was married to Maggie Johnson during the filming of the movie, but started an affair with Sondra Locke that ended up with the two moving in together. It didn’t work out.

5. Days of Thunder

Tom and his wife at the time, Mimi, didn’t make it through the movie Days of Thunder. Tom was already in trouble because of other flings, but the affair he had with Nicole Kidman was just the final straw. One month later and the marriage with Mimi was kaput.

6. By the Sea

Oh look, it’s Brad again. His marriage from the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith was upset from a new movie. Apparently, the movie brought out a dark side in Angelina’s personality that caused issues in the marriage.

7. The Misfits

Marilyn Monroe had her marriage with Arthur Miller disrupted when they were on set for The Misfits together. For Monroe, her husband was too much and was sexist and annoying.