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7 People Proving A Good Sense Of Humor Can Go A Long Way

Every day, we all must overcome various challenges in life. Yet, these hilarious images prove that a good sense of humor can make a huge difference. While some individuals definitely have it rougher than others, it’s important to keep a good attitude at all times, no matter how big or small the situation. That’s the lesson that we’re taking away from these people.

From homeless men and women with the most hilarious signs to families getting chased by seagulls on the beach, this list covers all of the bases. There’s no denying the fact that many things are going wrong in the world. However, at least we can find humor in some of the random situations that we find ourselves in on a day to day basis.

1. Bad Weather

A tree falling over in the yard is something that would cause many people to panic. It’s not cheap and easy to clean a mess like that up. Although, where one person sees a disaster, another sees an opportunity for a funny Halloween display.

2. Smashed Car Art

Getting into a car accident is never fun, especially if you have to fix a dent afterward. If the insurance isn’t paying, at least permanent markers are cheap. You can simply make the dent into a work of art.

3. Everything Must Go

Getting a divorce isn’t something that people typically advertise. Most families keep their private business private, but seriously, you know the specials are going to be good at this house. No one could pass up a divorce sale.

4. When You Can’t Be There

This homeless man is actually making money by doing nothing but being creative. He set out his stuff and watches from afar so no one steals his earnings. That’s a genius way to make a few bucks for lunch.

5. No More Smashing Mailboxes

This person got so tired of teenagers and drunks destroying his mailbox that he actually filled it with concrete, leaving a pvc pipe for his mail. Now that’s smart! That will teach them to mess with people.

6. Good Luck

This mom locked her daughter’s TV like this and hid the key somewhere in her room. All she has to do is clean her room to find the key. It’s not a bad deal and to be honest, her room is a wreck.

7. No Stupid Questions

This is the Box of Shame. People at this office have to wear it if they make a bad joke or ask a stupid question. It’s a good idea and will discourage people from being lame. Don’t even ask about her lack of trousers.