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7 people whose genetics make them look breathtakingly unique

Humans are absolutely amazing creatures. Each one of us is unique. Every human being has their own personality, experiences, and characteristics. And, of course, we all look different too. Thanks to genetics, some of us have blond hair while others have black. Some people have blue eyes while others have green.

The people you’re about to see, however, have such unique genetics that they’re appearances are absolutely incredible.

Keep reading to see some incredibly beautiful and one-of-a-kind people.

Two-toned irises

Some of us dream of having different colored eyes than what we were born with. Those with light colored eyes usually want dark eyes and vice versa. Well, this person happens to have both. This person has heterochromia iridis, a genetic variation that causes multi-colored irises.

Unique hands

This person has only four fingers on their left hand, and instead of a thumb, it’s an index finger. It’s called symbrachydactyly and it’s a condition where a baby’s hand is underdeveloped in the womb. Some people have very small fingers, or in this case, missing one all together.

One dark streak

Here’s an interesting condition where a dark streak of hair appeared seemingly out of nowhere. A white or light streak is called poliosis which is a lack of melanin. This, however, is increased melanin and is a type of birthmark.

Elf-like ears

This baby was born with Stahl’s ear, or as some like to call it, ‘Spock’s ear.’ It’s a deformity of the ear where extra cartilage creates a pointy ear shape. If found in the first few weeks of life, ear molding can correct it.

Double jointed

This person can grab things ‘backward’ thanks to being “double jointed.” People who are double jointed don’t actually have two joints, however, their joints can move beyond their normal range. Also known as hypermobility.

Extra toes

This little baby was born with 12 fingers and 12 toes. It’s a condition called polydactyly. The feet and hands are proportionate, they just happen to have one extra digit on each hand and foot.

‘Mirror-Hand Syndrome’

This person has a syndrome that is so rare, less than 100 cases have been identified in human history. It’s called ulnar dimelia and it’s a congenital deformity where there is no thumb, the ulna is duplicated, and there are either seven or eight fingers on the hand.