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7 Pictures So Strange We Couldn’t Explain If We Tried

Do you love finding photos that are funny, gross, or even sad? Do you love seeing photos that make you smile, laugh, or just loved in general?

We all do.

And then there are some photos that don’t make any sense. These are the photos that just make you scratch your head and ask yourself, “Huh?”

If you’ve never seen photos that make you go “Huh?,” that ends today. Start the slideshow, friends!

1. Made where?

Is it USA? Or is it China? Where was this really made?

2. What’s going on here?

We can’t explain it, but it sure looks like something is being passed on. What funny timing on the picture!

3. You sure? Look again!

That’s a funny looking haircut and a smooth neck. Wait. Hold on. Is that her neck or her waist?

4. Highest level of security

The level of security in this place is so reassuring. They posted this sign on the door, “Attention! New door code: 157.” Thanks, security!

5. Asian pizza

When you’re Asian and can’t be bothered, here’s how to eat pizza. Although, the chopsticks might only work for cheese pizza and not the pizza slices with a lot of toppings.

6. Two minds

While her upper mind deals with the object in her hands, the lower mind in her legs say otherwise. They’re getting ready to leave!

7. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

And it’s not just the clothes! Did they pick this ATM machine because they also blend with the walls?