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7 Times Slick Manufactures Got Busted By The Internet

When it comes to businesses, we all know that companies are all about the bottom line. The bigger corporations have marketing teams whose sole purpose is to make things seem like deals, even when they’re really just trying to make more money.

Not so fast. The internet has made it way easier for the consumers to point out when they try to sell us these not so “great deals.”

Here are 7 times that the manufacturer tried to get over on us, but the internet prevailed.

1. Look closely

At first glance, this pub looks like they may be giving out free beer. Look a little closer though. That’s free WiFi and cold beer, which is actually still pretty good if you ask me. You’ve got to give it to them, this one is pretty smart.

2. What you see, isn’t what you get

Source: Reddit

This company came up with a clever and deceitful way to save cost on pepperonis, by just showing the small portion that actually has them on the pizza. I’d hate to see what their meat lovers’ pizza looks like, Good luck finding return customers.

3. Hollow bottom

Source: Reddit

Oh Dove, why must you do this to us? By the looks of the hollowed-out bottom, you’ll have to go by another one halfway through doing your hair. This is just downright frustrating.

4. Why even say it?

McDonald’s really wanted people to think their PLASTIC packaging was fully biodegradable, but clearly, that’s not the case. Leave it up to the big names to do stuff like this, but this one is really pushing it on the shady spectrum.

5. Really Snickers? Really?

Snickers thought they could pull a fast one and tell us these giant bars were double the size, but not so fast. All you have to do is line 2 regular Snickers up together, and you know this one is straight bologna.

6. Crushing the competition

You ever wonder how companies like Nerf are always ahead of their competition? It’s probably because they do things that directly screw them over, like this piece for a Nerf gun that makes it literally impossible to use other brands.

7. Picture not so perfect

I mean I’ve seen some pretty bad false advertisements, but this one might take the cake. Why put a picture of someone climbing a rock, when you’re just going to clarify that you cannot do that with your product. Who knows, this is beyond me.