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8 Car Problems So Bonkers The Mechanic Had To Take A Photo

A mechanic’s job is difficult, and they are faced with all sorts of challenges from their customers. Still, they’d do it all as long as it is in their power like fixing something obvious, getting animals out from the engine bay, and other customer’s unreasonable requests.

We’ll let you have a taste of a mechanic’s life with these bizarre photos from their customer’s vehicles. Some are just so crazy that they just had to share it.

1. Satisfying visit

Source: Reddit – Nguyenstreak

A customer had been coming to this mechanic since his distance meter covered 200 thousand miles. The customer promised to come back once he hit 1 million. Well, this tire plug visit is just satisfyingly wholesome.

2. Bats on mobile

Source: Reddit – Rockdoc03

Instead of the Bat Mobile, this mechanic gets customers with a bat stuck inside their car. I wonder what caused them to invade vehicles. Someone perhaps disturbed their den which made them run wild.

3. Back from a shooting scene


Source: Reddit – maddogg312

This mechanic works at a rental company. He once had police as a customer who brought their car back like this. Some scratches come with bullet holes.

4. He’s just trying to earn a living

Source: Reddit – xionedge123

It seems like this possum wants to be a mechanic. He could fit into tight spaces without removing anything from the car. Sadly, the mechanics can’t let them work there, probably because of inexperience.

5. Little guardians

Source: Reddit – jkonzy

A customer left his car at the mechanic shop with two adorable guardians in front. The mechanic might just end up playing with these pooches than do his actual job. I mean, who could resist these two?

6. About to pop


Source: Reddit – opstarfish

I wonder how this car’s tire got into such condition. One sharp needle would be enough to pop them one by one. Although, it sure is not as satisfying as popping the bubbles from a bubble wrap

7. The different car keys

Source: Reddit – leftovernoise

There’s just something odd in this photo, I can feel it. Apparently, this picture shows you the keys which the customers left for their mechanic. Customer 1275 seems suspicious.

8. A stuck accelerator

Source: Reddit – m4rkz0r

A customer left his car with this note. Glad that this note was here, or else the mechanic might drive it through the wall upon testing. Still, it’s a unique way of manually unsticking the accelerator.