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8 diabolical neighbors you really don’t want living next door

Choosing a place to live is a matter of getting a life of relative peace or jumping into a Cold War you never signed up for. Unfortunately for some, realtors will never tell you if a house is haunted, a former crime scene, or sandwiched between really obnoxious neighbors.

Ever had a moment where you wished you could just put your neighbor on mute? Because these people definitely do. Here are 8 diabolical neighbors you do not want living next door.

1. LOL

This is one of the funniest ways to find out your neighbor has been stealing your wifi! Don’t think he made it up with a beer.

2. One Last Fight

Wow these guys had to fight even on the last day of being neighbors. Why couldn’t they ust let it go?

3. Sounds Legit

Imagine thinking only you know where your hide-a-key is, but find out the whole neighborhood knows about it.

4. Steal Your Trash

Seriosuly though, who would even consider stealing someone else’s trashcan? That would be an interesting case for the police.

5. Sad

Most of us have done something similar once or twice, but being called out about it, well that’s quite embarrassing!

6. That’s Just Rude

Well, we don’t know who’s ruder in this case, but you certainly aren’t supposed to laugh in someone’s face- especially when they’re arguing with someone else.

7. Not My Cat

We’re wondering if this guy really thought it was the neighbor’s cat or was just messing with them.

8. It’s Just Three Inches!

Sometimes people are too easy to annoy, like this guy’s neighbor. Yet, maybe the divorce mention could have been avoided.