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8 Funny Photo Coincidences Of Perfect Timing

These photos are so perfectly times that they catch coincidences in the process. We all hope to snag one of these by chance every once in a while but how many people can say they actually have? Here’s a few.

I’ll Take That Off Your Hands

Seriously, seagulls are the worst thieves. Or I guess the best ones. Anything you hold sacred should be left in the car or at home because they don’t care who you are, they will hoard your stuff.

You Wouldn’t Like Her When She’s Angry

This girl is nice enough. But when she’s angry, she turns into the crazy frog lady. Here we see her moments after transitioning. It’s a scary sight, but she’s one that you will want as an ally.

This Is So Fitting

With all the rage against cops, let’s look at the humble firefighter. No one has ever had a problem with these guys and here’s why. So many of them are volunteers and were made to wear wings.

Taste The Rainbow

Is Obama trying to steal the magical powers of the leprechaun or is he sending out love to the world? The world may never know but we do know that something insane is going on here.

He Has A Quest

This cat most definitely has a quest for you and it will not be an easy one. You actually have to be level 100 to unlock it, so he’s giving you this look until you get there. Until then, be gone, peasant.

Buddha Just Got Cooler

Trying to keep up with kids these days, this Buddhist god put on some shades and is looking at you funny. He even seems to have that lip curl and is thinking about getting gauges in his ears.

To Another World

Is it just me or did this guy find a portal to another world? Either that or he is getting cryofroze in a jelly of some sort. He’ll see your grandkids sometime next century. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Just A Little Tense

This one took me a second. But if you look at his shoulders, you can see the creepy sun giving him a shoulder rub to ease the tension brought on by a public speech. If anything, he’s making it worse.