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8 married couples with the best sense of humor

Marriage is a long, tough road. But to be fair, so is anything else that’s really worth it, including starting a career, writing a book, taking a trip, or starting a business. When you get married, you promise to love one another through everything, including the tough times. There’s no doubt that life has plenty of those, from regular daily frustrations to serious tragedies.

Ask any couple that’s been married for a long time and they’ll tell you that marriage takes hard work, trust, love — and humor. Almost every couple says a sense of humor is one of the things that helps them stick together and support one another through the hard parts of life.

These married couples might not have it all figured out, but they do know one thing: how to joke together. They make normal days silly, turn mundane activities into games, play tricks on each other, and turn fights into reasons to laugh.

Whether they’re leaving each other silly notes or full-on pranking one another (or their kids) it’s clear they have a funny bone. Even though it’s not always romantic, we can definitely say these are #couplegoals.

1. She set herself up for that one

This wife told her husband to decorate the guest bathroom however he wanted. He did exactly that and enjoyed every scream coming out of the room. She should have been clearer!

2. Everyone dreams of being married to a poet

Fridge magnets are tons of fun. There’s no end to the things you can write. This husband composed a beautiful poem to honor his wife but he ran out of inspiration at the end.

3. Getting the cat to work for you

This married couple spent an hour lying in bed with a laser pointer trying to get the cat to jump up and turn the light off. The joke’s on them: once he learns how, he’ll never stop doing it.

4. How to talk to your pregnant wife

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but some women struggle with how they feel when their body is changing. This husband had a unique way to remind his pregnant wife that she was still gorgeous.

5. It doesn’t look like she’s laughing

Jokes are all about timing and this guy chose the wrong moment to mess with his wife. This custom shirt he made for the birth of their child might not have been a hit with everyone in the room.

6. That’s not jogging

One wife heard the treadmill running and assumed her husband was getting some exercise. Instead, when she peeked in on only to find him playing with a firetruck.

7. Get it? Get it?

This couple’s been married for more than 40 years and they just had to send this photo to all their kids. They do say a sense of humor is the key to a lasting marriage.

8. That’s one way to handle conflict

Every married couple has arguments but they have different ways of handling them. This wife’s method was to stop in the middle of the argument and take a selfie. Her husband doesn’t look amused.