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8 People Nailing Their Situations In A Funny Way

In life, sometimes people do or say something that misses the mark. Other times, they’re spot-on. Here, we have 8 times when people on the internet nailed it. Most of these are hilarious, perfect for putting a smile on your face. Check them out and try not to laugh!

1. It’s still there

This is hilarious. While visiting a McDonald’s, one guy noticed a blank wall. So, he took a photo of him and his friend, had it blown up to poster size, and hung it up. Now three months later, it’s still there. Nothing like free advertising.

2. These two things don’t go together

That’ll teach this person to never leave an unsecured container of parmesan cheese in the bag with their laptop computer. But one poster’s response was great. “Took mac and cheese to a new level.” Nailed it.

3. Great comeback

After sharing a comment on social media about how someone’s forgotten after just three generations, one individual pointed out that for their family and state, that wasn’t the case.

4. That sounds about right

One person posted a photo of them eating raw chocolate chip cookie dough with chopsticks along with the caption “It’s a sushi kind of night.” But another individual nailed it by responding with “Ah yes, the salmonella roll.”

5. That explains it

You might not realize it but some of the biggest companies in existence got their start inside of someone’s garage. Included are Disney, Google, Apple, Amazon, and many others. But one poster explained why their endeavor never took off by saying this.

6. My, what long arms you have

For the people taking photos of this trio, they were probably impressed or possibly creeped out at the length of this girl’s arms. But, the joke’s on them. What a hoot.

7. “I’m royalty…leave me alone”

For a non-speaking child to start attending a new school is tough. Often, these kids are bullied. That’s what happened to one girl from Vietnam. But to get everyone off her back, she showed them this photo and lied she was royalty in her country and it worked.

8. That’ll teach them

What’s an easy way to make fish appear fresh? Just stick googly eyes on them. That might’ve worked until the market in Kuwait got busted and was shut down by the police. They nailed it — even if only temporarily.