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8 times someone’s sense of humor redefined their disability

You may think that a person with a disability may find it difficult to smile, but that is not always the truth. In fact, these folks can often be the ones who find a way to smile no matter what.

The way the people featured on this list see the fun in life is simply inspiring and heartwarming. Despite what life has given them, they choose to turn something negative into something positive. Wow!

These 8 photos show off how having a great sense of humor can totally redefine your disability as something uniquely your own to embrace.

1. They’re fake and they’re fabulous

How hilarious is this shirt?

A lot funnier than a double mastectomy, that’s for sure.

But this cancer survivor is still finding a reason to smile.

2. Throne on wheels

Some of the best visual humor for those with disabilities takes place on Halloween.

This didn’t just make us smile, we’re also in awe of how badass the whole setup is!

3. OMG, my leg!

When a Redditor’s friend lost his leg in a motorcycle accident, he began making the best of it with pranks like this.

This is from an April Fool’s Day joke in a local park.

And we just wish we could have seen the looks on the faces of bystanders.

4. Specific instructions

When this Navy vet had to have his leg amputated, he decided to get a tattoo that would amuse his surgeons.

We just hope they weren’t laughing too hard during the procedure!

5. Land shark

This man might have already lost his leg, but he certainly didn’t lose his sense of humor.

His amputation took place just a few months prior, but he quickly found a way to cope.

6. It makes us want to laugh and cry

We laugh at her shirt and cry for ourselves – because sometimes it feels so true.

One commenter summed up the reactions to this photo perfectly, saying: “I love how accurate this is that everyone, no matter the Country, is all, ‘Yep.’”

7. Crip ship

“Crip” (as in “cripple”) is a word reserved for other differently-abled people (meaning you don’t get to use it if it doesn’t apply to you).

But you can still laugh at this vanity plate.

8. T-rexin’ and flexin’

This man’s arthrogryposis means his arms are too short for most sweater sleeves.

But he managed to find his spirit animal in the T-rex, making this sweater fit (the situation, at least) perfectly.