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8 Trees That Are Refusing To Give Up

Trees are pretty amazing. They’ve been on Earth for 370 million years. From the redwoods of California to the Tree of Tenere, they’ve long fascinated humans. Some, like the redwoods are respected for their size — some of them big enough to drive a car through. Others, like the Ashbrittle Yew, are famous because of their long history — already old when Stonehenge was built.

As humans, we have an important relationship with trees. In return for creating oxygen for us, we support them. It’s estimated there are about 3.04 trillion trees in the world. Of those, there may be as many as 100,000 different species that account for 25 percent of all plant life on Earth.

One of the reasons trees have such a long lifespan is their ability to adapt to their environment, some even growing after they’ve been chopped down or uprooted. Here are 60 trees that refused to give up even in the harshest conditions.

1. “I get knocked down, but I get up again”

Source: Reddit/d416
This palm tree fell over but wasn’t bothered in the slightest. It just curved back up and like a trooper, continued growing.

2. Four for one

Source: Reddit/expatriate77
When this tree fell over, that might’ve been the end of it. But instead, it grew four new trees out of the fallen trunk.

3. Straight out of a rock

Source: Reddit
Trees can even grow straight up through a rock, as long as their roots manage to reach nutrients. This tree didn’t just grow but it thrived on top of a boulder.

4. A sprouting chair

Source: Reddit/MC_Labs15
You’d think once a tree is chopped up and turned into furniture, it’d know to stop growing. Well, no one sent a memo to this still-sprouting chair.

5. DIY tree trunk

No trunk? No problem. This tenacious little tree decided to make one out of a speed limit sign. Who knew trees were so creative?

6. Concrete isn’t a barrier

This tree was planted in a narrow box of soil and surrounded by pavement. But it refused to stay in its box. Instead, its roots crisscrossed the sidewalk.

7. It’s a tree from another tree

This tree had such a generous bed of moss and nutrients on its branch, it was a perfect place for …another tree. It’s growing tall and strong on the arm of its friend.

8. Concrete? No problem

You might think a tree couldn’t find nutrients in such a tiny amount of soil. But this tree doesn’t know the word impossible and is determined to grow no matter what.