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8 Unnecessary But Funny Inventions That Will Make You Wonder Why They Were Even Made

Have you at any point come across an invention and you’re like, “why did they produce this in the first place?” Then, you profoundly think about the invention more, and you’re definitely certain you wouldn’t be needing it in a lifetime. 

Inventions are intended to be one-of-a-kind or novel devices, methods, products, or items with the goal of making life easier. There are a great number of amazing inventions in the world today that achieve this goal. 

Whether or not you’re making use of pacifiers for your child, we would all be able to agree that a pacifier made of 24-carat gold isn’t what you are searching for exactly. People want to look good with good accessories on, but why make me a huge corn or egg earrings as an accessory.

This is the embodiment of superfluous things that we never thought we could have, regardless of whether we wanted to. One can’t help but wonder how far this invention will go because it seems as though it wouldn’t leave the building. 

Or, on the other hand, you can be the judge and conclude whether you could truly use a portion of the inventions below. Here, we want to communicate our amazement and shock altogether, considering these 8 one-of-a-kind inventions that we’re not sure if they’re truly helpful or not.

1. “Pacify me with gold”

Gone are the times of being born into the world with a silver spoon in one’s mouth. Get you a gold pacifier.

2. A sheath for a single pepperoni

Guess a single pepperoni will surely go a long way. Thank you so much for this invention.

3. Keeper for just one sausage

“This is a great invention. So, what should I do with the other sausages? Oh, I know, buy more keepers…”

4. This Crocs mascot is unnecessary

 Need not be told that this is incredibly pointless.

5. A long Allan key

Okay, can you tell us the reason why this Allan key is so long, like why…?

6. An Oreo dunker

“Don’t you just love this Oreo dunker. Just place your oreo in it, dunk and let it feed you…” 

7. A denim Furby

Made from scratch is this startling, life-sized, Furby that is all-denim. It was necessary. 

8. A paintbrush to lick you away…

“Oh, hi. We have a new invention. This is a paintbrush with which you can lick individuals with. Isn’t it fascinating?”