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9 Funny Photos Proving Parents Can’t Be Perfect Every Single Day

Parenting is not easy. We all have the same struggles, but few people will talk about them in fear that they will be looked at as a bad parent. These parents are just like everyone else, taking it day by day and these are the results.

Living On Two Hours Of Sleep

These parents were so tired that they fell asleep on their walk. It’s hard to stay awake during the day sometimes because babies keep you up all night. So we can’t hold this little nap against them.

He Isn’t Wrong

This kid may be a smartmouth, but he isn’t wrong. Moms wouldn’t be moms without their kids and at least this kid knows it. It can make a mom feel a little shamed when they get notes like this, but it’s all in good fun.

We Know Why She Hasn’t Stopped Him

There will be times in your life when you’re so surprised at what your kid is doing that you can’t stop them for a minute. Her hand is on her forehead with this one and it’s not surprising.

She Didn’t Dress Herself

This baby isn’t old enough to dress herself so we can only blame the parents for this little fiasco. The poor thing didn’t suffer, but she will look back on this photo with a smile on her face.

Kids Aren’t Fit For Eating Out

Some restaurants are trying to ban kids and here is why. Kids want to go to McDonald’s. When you take them somewhere else, they end up playing a lot more than eating. These parents figured that out the hard way.

That’s A Dirty Hose

This is a tragedy. Every parent has had moments like these and they will stick in your memories forever. This one is extra appalling! That hose is quite disgusting and is working even harder now that he’s in the tank.

She Needed A Mask

Taking care of your skin is important. This sweet girl thought that her diaper cream was a great face mask, hair mask, hand mask, and just about everything else. She doesn’t even look ashamed.

That’s A Long Time

This mom had her kids disable her iPhone for 45 years. How does that work? That was a lot of tries! It looks like she’s making a trip to Apple because she can’t call them by any means.

It Does Look Like Her

I love these kids! Her daughter thought that this stock photo in this frame was her, and I do understand that. They look very much alike. Bonus: That’s her son kissing the mirror in the background.