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Poland and Lithuania builds “portal” connecting people in cities and people are loving it

There has been a drastic change over the past centuries to end imbalances dependent on gender and race, and it’s no doubt, that we have a much far way to go.

Different personalities across the world are doing their part to end social injustices

However, in current modern technological times, modern technology solutions might demonstrate a practical positive development.


Two European cities Vilnius and Lublin are now connected through a portal in a way that they can see each other

It’s the craziest idea in this digital world that lets passersby in different cities peek into each other in real-time at their parallel locations.


The mirror-like portal was inspired by the view that astronauts see from space the “overview effect”

Lublin, Poland, and Vilnius, Lithuania, are now connected through a virtual mirror. This portal is in a circular shape that indicates the wheel of time. In science fiction, it signifies time and space.

This overview effect portrays a psychological shift in a manner that individuals consider themselves and their job to be world residents. It changes the psyche to look at the bigger picture rather than the everyday.

Although you can’t step through the portal the best thing is that you can interact with each other in real-time.

The portal features a large screen and cameras to look at the other side. Go get ready and prepare the dance moves once you’re in front of the screen.

This sci-fi portal thought is the first to come into the realization that is connecting different parts of the world

The portal sends video, whereas, the sound feature will largely be turned off. The sound may return in special events to unite various cities.


Human correspondence rises above a long way past oral language

Numerous people have invented smart ways of speaking with people that are reflected on the screen portals.

People have performed different hand signals, dance moves, and even workouts to interface with those who are on the other side. In case you’re fortunate, you might even get a virtual hug.

The idea behind the portal is to connect people with the goal of making them forget the miles apart division

The main idea of the portal is to connect people and to give them comfort and ease. The portal connects people with those who never met. The person behind the idea was Benediktas Gylys.


There are many other portals in the pipeline that will link Reykjavik, Iceland, with Vilnius, Lithuania, and Vilnius, Lithuania, with London, England.

If you’re planning to have a vacation to any of the mentioned cities then don’t forget to add a stop here. You will get a peek into two cities at once at a single price.

These cities were not chosen randomly

Reykjavik was the first capital to know Lithuania as its own independent nation in 1991. Even 30 years later, Lithuania has the same gratitude and friendship for their neighbors.

As we are still stuck in the world pandemic, this portal allows us to meet our loved ones in real-time without the risk of spreading the virus.


It took five years to build this idea into reality

The portals try to have the portal views a few times each hour. This would consider much more worldwide associations and collaborations.