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A teen girl amazes the crowd with her dress transformation

There was no fairy godmother present in the audience that evening. Simply an actually splendid dress took everyone’s attention. It was just as magical as brilliantly portrayed in the original version.

Remember when Cinderella was being pressed and crushed by her stepmothers and stepsisters? She kept quiet and humble all the time. She ended up glowing as the most wonderful young lady for an evening.


Salagadoola Mechicka Boola…

This Cinderella transformation dress reminded people of the beloved story of a young girl who lives with her stepmother and stepsisters after her father passed away.


The story came in many versions but people remember its Disney 1950’s animated movie more fondly. The possibility of being crushed by persecution with almost nothing leaves the viewers with trust to which they can relate.

She was all crying because of her destroyed dress by her sisters when her stepmother and stepsisters left for the prince’s ball.


Cinderella hurries to the garden, insane and broken when all of the sudden her fairy Godmother appears reassuring the wailing young girl prior to letting Cinderella know that she’s going to that ball.



That poor destroyed dress is changed into an amazing blue outfit. Also, remember that beautiful glass slippers.

The dress was designed and made by Becky Trigg, this transformation dress takes Cinderella’s slave dress and with a draw from the collar, flips it back to the front uncovering that lovely blue dress.


That audience though. They watched the model with charm thinking about what on earth is happening as “A dream is a wish your heart makes” plays in the background.

She strolls around looking gloomy prior to moving toward the center, she’s spinning and spinning and flipping her dress to the front in a stupendous reveal of the surprise.


Now what’s next?

Now it’s time to transform mice, horses, dogs, and pumpkins. Well, that’s a perfect sight now!

Truly stunning! Great Job!  I would presumably have tracked down an option in the contrast to the hoop since it doesn’t feel like it’s hanging too far off, however the dress, the twirl, the costume, all absolutely beautiful!

Remarks a viewer.


That audience is mostly comprised of older men and women. It resembles the dress that reminds them of their childhood memory. It’s like magic that took the place.

Another viewer said,

Incredibly, cool, and creative ensemble transformation. I should agree with people over here, that the model doesn’t appear to be extremely excited with regards to modeling her outfit at the start, but eventually she’s at it. Very neat!

Maybe the model was apprehensive with regards to the entire pulling down and changing part?


The only thing that was missed in this performance was her glass slippers. It is stunning what our fashion designers can do. This transformation really changed the energy in that room.