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Teen boys saved the toddler life on the highway

The boy’s heart almost skip a heartbeat when they saw that the three years old girl is about to get hit by the truck.

Many adults are very quick in passing judgments on teenagers as they believe that they are not worthy enough when it comes to getting any help from them. But, this is not always the case.

The story of the two teenagers belonging from Mount Juliet, Tennessee, goes extremely viral after they saved a life 3 years old girl.

It is a story of the night when Dalaurence Holland aged 15 and Zech Krinjnic aged 15 were sitting at Zech’s porch and doing a conversation.


It was late hours and the sky was quite dark. The teens were not surrounded by adults or parents and were just enjoying talking and breathing and enjoying the fresh air at night.

Exactly at 10:15 pm, the teens become extremely frightened when they see something appear from the bushes down below them.

Zech remembered recalling that both of them were sitting on the porch and they were just having a random conversation about the clowns and stuff.

And then suddenly, to our surprise, we saw that something come out of the bushes and headed to the road.


The boys were not sure about the thing that emerged from the bushes and therefore decided to go down the stairs and see. Dalaurence reported to NewsChannel5 that he don’t know. Being a teenager, he just said to chase after that thing and see what that is.

He added that when he finally saw it he thought it was just a fox or any other animal wandering around. He didn’t want anything to lose their life.


The teens became more curious about this situation and continued chasing it as it was just for the good. They stopped the conversation about the clowns and rushed towards the animal to save it.

To their surprise, when they got closer to the animal, they realized that it was a three years old girl, not an animal who is heading towards the busy highway at night.


At first, the teens had no idea that it was a toddler, time stopped. There wasn’t any adult seen around the toddler as she was all alone. However, when they finally realized about the toddler, they saw a truck heading directly towards the little girl, which was even the worst.

Dalaurence said that he saw headlights that were coming up the hills.

There was a girl on one side and the truck on the other. They were going to grab the little one as fast as they could.


Both the boys rushed towards the little girl, and thankfully Dalaurence was the first to get there. They were not hesitant in any of their actions and approached the girl by putting their life at risk.

Dalaurence approached the little one in seconds before she got hit by the truck.

Fortunately, we made it in time and grabbed the toddler out of the way.


He added that everything on his mind was faded. When his mind became clear, he focused on grabbing the girl out of the way.

Zech remembered recalling that the truck was coming over the hill and just when it was about to hit the little one, he caught her up and ran out of the busy road. Both of us didn’t pay attention to both the ways and just jumped in front of the truck.

All thanks to Zech and Dalaurence’s quick actions that saved the life of the little girl.


News Channel 5 reported that why the little girl was all alone on the road. However, after the incident took place, the police interrogated her parents later.

Both Zech and Dalaurence received scores of praise and appreciation where their bravery story went viral on the internet. Owing to their good deed, Mount Juliet offered them a key to the city.


Lisa Coffman, the grandmother of Dalaurence said that she is very happy with what the boys have done by paying attention to their surroundings. In an interview with Lebanon Democrat, she said that both the boys deserve to be recognized in the public. Dalaurence said that he really feels great after saving the little girl. The kids need to be recognized too.