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An instant Karma faced by the driver when he tried running over the snowman

Seems like frosty has been heading out of the gym in his personal time.

A Kentucky driver found out with regards to the snowman’s solidarity molding the most difficult way possible when he attempted to thump down the 9-foot big snowman with his truck.


Cody Lutz along with his sister and fiancé built a giant snowman outside their house with the help of a thick tree trunk as its establishment

He invited Laura from Mississippi to his Petersburg Kentucky home so she could enjoy the greatest snowfall she’ll ever see. That too along with a huge snowman.

We had an entire week of shedding snowball battles taking the advantage of the colder time of year. And that of course includes a Snowman!

Told Lutz.


A monstrous tree stumped on the front yard ended up being the most ideal decision as a base of the snowman. It was almost 10 feet tall. Not anyone could miss passing by looking at this.

Everyone is waving and loving the big snowman. However, not every person was fun! Lutz said. I got back to track down a bunch of tire tracks across my yard, finishing unexpectedly at the foundation of the snowman.”


Frosty was all the way standing but the stump was uncovered and had a bumper sticker on it. An extremely snowy man.

Lutz went for work on Monday, and when he came back, he found tire tracks that were leading up to his snowman. Due to snow, it’s safe to assume the vehicle was a 4×4 or at least all-wheel drive.


Frost’s lower sturdy back won the fight


Lutz said, “It’s an instant Karma”.

The driver discovered Frosty’s foundation was so stronger and grounded. And it’s great that the truck had the option to drive away. Unless they drove away with airbags in their faces.

Can’t resist the urge to think about the driver’s story at which he got back home. Or what the insurance agency did.


And all through that time, frosty was standing and smiling. He absolutely got the last laugh there. This huge snowman was cold as ice all the time.

The driver was a Grinch for running over the massive snowman


Frosty’s stump might have been uncovered along with the vehicle’s front end. Many things like a hanging front bumper, uncovered radiator, and heaps of noises turned into a driver’s migraine. That’s the headache he experienced after the effect.

Laura, Cody, and his sister got the last laugh ultimately. Laura wanted to encounter the snow, however, this little mishap has now turned into a vacation memory for them. This is a story that can be told at year’s special time.


Frosty was a fantasy, however, Cody realized he came to life that day. There was magic in that old formal hat, yet his stump was fat, and the driver sobbed back home that day.