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7 Incredible Life Hacks that are worth memorizing

Everyone is usually finding simple and clever ways to make their busy life much easier. When everyone is looking for convenience to make their life easy and sorted, there are some life hacks that will take the hassle out of everything that seems difficult.

  1. When watering the garden deeply comes with a lot of effort, use this time saving water gardening technique that will not only water the garden thoroughly but also reduce the water wastage.

2. If you have run out of coins to unlock a shopping trolley, use the upper rounded head of the key to get the trolley without the coin.

3. This man used the hood of his sweatshirt to cover his dog who was feeling cold while he was busy buying some stuff. Putting the hood of his shirt to use for a dog pocket is a great idea.

4. If you want to comfortably hold the book while reading, use this book holder and opener that will help greatly in holding the book pages.

5. Put your phone in uncooked rice for some hours to draw the water out of your phone if it gets wet accidentally.

6. If plugging the cables at the back of the PC or LED is becoming a great problem for you, switch your phone’s camera to selfie mode and get it plugged easily.

7. If the lid of your laptop is broken and cannot stand properly, use this hack to solve your problem without spending your money.