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7 times brides left their wedding guests surprised with their shocking demands

Weddings are incomplete without unnecessary family dramas. The family relatives showing up at the weddings make enough big dramas to contribute well in spoiling the big day. Not only the family relatives but the friends also contribute well to becoming a part of the drama. However, when the friends and siblings play their roles well in the wedding, everyone forgets about the bridezilla. Every girl dreams of their big day and when the wedding is around the corner, families treat bride-to-be like little babies. Every demand they make is fulfilled instantly to make them happy and feel more special. In a nutshell, they become entitled too. Not just this but everything including their unrealistic demands to their unapologetic behavior is tolerated. But sometimes, it leads to end up losing a relationship with their friends due to the lack of empathy. There are many craziest bridezilla stories that are shared online with the people that are leaving everything shocking.

A friend’s appearance triggers the bride insecurity

Every bride wishes to steal all the limelight and become a center of attraction for the wedding guests. Not just do they want to get tons of attention but also don’t want anyone to look prettier than them. A bride who asked her bride maids to lose weight to look good standing beside them gets mad when she saw her friend looking prettier by looking slimmer and smarter than her. Her madness made her kick out her friend from the wedding. How can someone be so mean and insecure about the looks that make them throw their best friends out of the wedding?

Father’s bad health makes the bride annoyed

Everyone wants their parents to live a healthy and longer life. It always feels wonderful caring about your parents too much after they have done so much for you. But sadly, this isn’t the case for everyone. A bride’s father had a heart attack and her family made him rush to the hospital right on her wedding day. Her father’s deteriorating health instead of making her worried and concerned made her more annoyed and frustrated and started blaming her father for ruining her big day. Maybe her father will pay her back after getting any better.

Personal reasons made a bride maid land in hot water

Nobody is aware of the things that are going to happen in the future. It feels so sad when you have planned a lot for a wedding but you couldn’t make it due to some personal reasons. In this case, a bride maid couldn’t make it to her friend’s wedding as she prioritized paying a visit to her father for his hospice care which made her cancel her plan for attending the wedding. The bride instead of giving condolence to the grieving friend showed her selfish behavior and tried her best to make her feel guilty about not coming to the wedding which ended their friendship as well. However, nobody wants to befriend someone who has no sympathy left.

The blonde heads became a great problem

Another bridezilla’s demand that became very problematic to the bride maids was when the bride asked their blonde head bride maids to change their hair color for her wedding. The bride wants to stand out among her bride maids with her blonde hair and does not want anyone to steal her spotlight. One of the bride maids didn’t pay heed to the bride’s demand and refused to change her hair color for her friend’s wedding.

The bride was expecting more than a floral arrangement

Huge wedding décor is what every bride wants for her wedding. When every female wants to achieve perfection for their big days, they want everything to look the best from their wedding dresses to even floral arrangements. If one of your bride maids takes the responsibility for the floral décor of your wedding, it will take great stress out of wedding décor. When one of the bride’s friends eased her arrangement concerns by arranging floral decorations all by herself worth $1000, the bride was still expecting a bigger gift from her friend which made her angrier and created a gap in her friendship.

Being a bride maid comes with lots of responsibilities

The bride always wants their bridesmaid to fulfill all the responsibilities that the bride asked them to do for her. Among the all planning of the wedding, attending different sessions for a bridal dress is another hassle for the brides. The brides always want someone to accompany them to the bridal studio for fittings. When going for fittings seems like stress to the bride, the bride asked her bridesmaid to go with her for a different fitting. When the bride maid couldn’t make it for the fourth time as her sister was paying a visit to her, she refused to go. Listening to the refusal she becomes more frustrated which made her cancel her wedding invitation.

Saving money is every bride’s priority

Every bride wants to cut short their wedding expenses by spending less money on all the wedding arrangements. There is always a difference between backing out of a plan and telling a lie. How could a bride lie about her wedding arrangement? Yes, the bride did exactly the same. She lied about every tiny detail about her wedding from the number of guests invited to getting the staff hired for the wedding arrangement. To a great surprise, the groomsmen ended up hanging the flowers and serving water and champagne to the guests. All the lies that she told were just to save $15.