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8 fake photos people went viral that people think we’re real

With the rise of sharing images on social media, many people also get worried about what to post. People are using photo editing tools and they have started relying on photo manipulation to extreme levels. Many people are using tons of effects and filters to make their photos look extraordinary by editing lighting and erasing imperfections. Sometimes our most observant eyes may easily be fooled. The wish to become perfectionists makes them so far from perfection. We have collected the top 8 photos that went a little overboard with Photoshop.

1. A boy with 3 hands is just hilarious

It is extremely shocking to see a boy with 3 hands. At least use the tool wisely.

2. An instant second’s trip

This girl has made the best use of her editing skills. But Oops! She forgot everyone has a shadow.

3. a little too stretched out

Everyone wishes to become thin and taller but this girl is deadly thin and tall and looks like that she really has made her wish come true with filters and Photoshop.

4. You look uglier with many filters

Sometimes using too many filters all at once will make you look no more than a horrible witch. This girl has used all the filters but it is sure that she must be better without them.

5. She looks different in the mirror

This girl was so involved in showing her curves that she forgets that she is in front of the mirror. You really need to be pro at doing editing with your eyes open.

6. Look at the shadow, it’s telling the truth

The girl is sitting on the wooden bridge with her face towards the sea. But, look at the shadow! It’s telling the truth. Well, she tries really hard but failed

7. Is he really a doll? Or just I can’t see?

She tried hard to make her husband looks handsome. But Oh! So many filters made him look like a doll.

8. She looks like a witch

Her tons of editing has made her witch.