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7 most embarrassing photoshop edits of famous celebrities

You see so many celebrities on the cover of the magazine like vogue, Elle, Etc. It’s a great honor for them to appear on a top magazine cover. Be it any celebrity, singer, actor, or actress, they still die to be on a magazine cover. These magazines can alter the appearance of any person and a perfect model look takes a lot of time, not to mention retouching the photo. There is always an argument between people about which one is better- natural beauty or photoshopped beauty. People can easily distinguish the differences.

Today, anyone can change their complete appearance in their photos within a few clicks. However, some people also don’t like fake retouching as they are against promoting unrealistic beauty standards. There are also many celebrities who share their photoshopped photos on their social media accounts and these images became popular in the advertising market as well. Sometimes this unnatural manipulation is very obvious in the images that celebrities also get offended. Photoshop can literally make anyone look like a nicer version of themselves. It can enhance any sparkle or twinkle or can remove any imperfections. Here are the most embarrassing photos of celebrities in real life vs popular magazines.

1. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus- A famous American Singer has stolen the spotlight for quite a long time and she has been exposed to so many controversies. She is such a real beauty but this beauty cant stop photoshop.

2. Kristen Stewart

Some people are so worried about them showing teeth in their pictures considering what people would think about them. A smile is truly wealth and it should be cherished. However, Kristen Stewart is one of those people who don’t like her teeth to be shown in her pictures.

3. Avril Lavigne

No matter how famous you are but still you can be safe from digital alterations. A famous Canadian singer Avril Lavigne was famous for her punk rock and bad girl appearance. But her beautiful straight hair couldn’t do justice in the magazine as you can see on this cover.

4. Kim Kardashian

The renowned Kardashian girl Kim has been severely blunt about digital photoshopping of images and people have so much to say about her retouched photos that were released by Complex Magazine a few years back. Once she poster her unedited image and said that she doesn’t care to show her little cellulite because who won’t have it?

5. Faith Hill

You can spot a clear difference in Faith Hill’s wrinkles, fine lines, elongated face, and even her earlobes. Whereas, the untouched photo is very beautiful and very realistic for women of her age.

6. Miranda Kerr

Miranda is the most beautiful Victoria’s Secret model but that doesn’t mean that she won’t be stopping herself from airbrushing those minor to none flaws on her face. She is only 35-years-old and clearly, she doesn’t need any photoshop.

7. Lindsay Lohan

This picture was a poster none other than Lindsay herself but not by any magazine or advertising company. She posted this picture by herself and anyone can easily distinguish that the poster picture is fake. It has negatively affected this Holywood star and it’s a decent example for youngsters to avoid drugs.