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9 hilarious tattoo fails that you have ever witnessed

Tattoos have become an unusual fashion trend these days that people love following and have become even more popular due to people’s fondness towards the tattoo fashion trend. People love getting different designs of tattoos like psychedelic style, symbolic tattoo, random quotes, and large statement pieces on their face, fingers, hands, and even full body. Not just the tattoos vary in different designs but also vary in genres. Some people love getting the different quotes tattooed on their bodies in different languages that seem even more attractive and make people follow this fashion trend.

Where there are professional tattoo artists, there are also unprofessional and less skilled artists that end up spoiling the tattoo design by not understanding the design of the tattoo.

These are the few pictures showing the different tattoo fails made by the tattoo artist. If you want to be among the ones having tattoos, take a look at these pictures first.

  1. Happy boy

A boy becomes extremely happy and excited about getting his leg tattooed but the followers on his social media do not feel like it and criticize him for the tattoo ink on his body.

2. A great mess with colors

A female client wants to get the galaxy tattooed but the unprofessional tattoo artist with his poor skills messed with the colors and ended up making it really awful.

3. Tattoo with foreign language goes wrong

A foreign language tattoo on the body represented the name of chicken soup noodles instead of something motivational.

4. The dusty spots look awful

Tattooing the dusty spots looked more like skin disease or black skin spots all over the below neck area. 

5. A smiling portrait

A smiling portrait of a beautiful lady is poorly tattooed by the unprofessional tattoo artist. The woman who get this tattoo is a well-known personality and showed the highly unprofessional skills by the tattoo artist who made her tattoo.

6. A portrait tattoo goes wrong

The tattoo of two women giving a cheeky smile was ruined perfectly by the unprofessional tattoo artist.

7. A crab ended up being something else

A man wanted to get the crab tattooed on his back but the unskilled artist made it look more like a little monster than a crab.

8. A funny baby face

The unskilled tattoo artist gets trolled by the audience who tattooed an illogical tattoo showing off a baby with a protruding tongue that looks more like a snake tongue.

9. Pikachu

A man inspired by the pokemon character decided to get a Pikachu tattoo but the tattoo artist made it something else.