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Before and after pictures of a hair transformation

A hairstyle is very important for a person. Not only does it changes the whole look of a person but also helps in predicting the personality of a person. If one is feeling upset, get new hair for yourself, and you will feel a boost in your energy level. A hairstyle is what makes people more attractive and beautiful and makes a great influence on their physical appearance. But be mindful about getting the right hair job done with the professional hairstylist that can either help with changing the entire look of yours or help with maintaining the style you are already carrying. Not just the people run to the hair salons to get their hair job done but some take advantage of their personal skills to cut down their cut, which turns out really amazing and beautiful.

This article features the work of Jurgita Malakauskaite, a Lithuanian hairstylist and founder of SelfStation. With her professional skills, she gave a completely new look to women by transforming their hair in a completely different way. Here are some of the amazing hair transformations she did that really deserve admiration and appreciation.  

1. Woman loves recreating the look of their favorite actress, influencer, or other media personality. Sometimes, the desired styles don’t go best according to the face shape and personality of a woman. When this doesn’t work out well, then it comes a need for a professional hairstylist who gives a perfect hairstyle to the women utilizing their professional skills.

2. Like you go to a hospital to treat your illness under the hands of a professional medical expert, in the same manner, don’t end up giving an awful look to your hair by experimenting with your hair. Your hair needs a professional hairstylist for an attractive transformation of your hair.

3.  The only thing that matters to Jurgita is the sense of joy that clients express after getting their hair transformed by her. A client’s happiness gives another level of satisfaction and gives a boost to self-esteem.

4. Jurgita finds it really hard to deal with an unhappy client unless she knows what they really want. Everything gets sorted after knowing them completely. It entirely revolves around the way you approach and talk to the client about their needs and expectation. This is what professionals do.

5. Go for changing the color of your hair if you are not sure what type of haircut you want for your hair. Coloring your hair will change your entire look and makes you look more attractive. Pick the best shade for your hair and flaunt your hair looks in front of everyone. Always be mindful about getting the hair job done by a professional hairstylist. Just don’t end up messing with your hair.

6. Everyone wants to change their hairstyle but is not sure what they really want for their hair either a haircut or hair color. Don’t rush with the decision if you have long hair and have no idea what to do with the hair. Take your time to decide whether you need hair color, slight trimming, or a proper haircut. Don’t regret anything later when it is finally done.

7. Jurgita always seeks inspiration from the client’s perspectives and brings out the best haircut according to their requirements. According to her, it is very important to know the client’s needs and expectations about the type of hairstyle they want for their hair.