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What does party face emoji means

There is no better way to express emotions symbolically with emojis. This yellow-faced smiley party face emoji represents fun, excitement, joy, cheering, celebration, and happiness. These emoji has been widely used by people to celebrate parties, holidays, or any other special occasion. The happily-faced smiley blowing the party horns and wearing the party hat make it a perfect emoji to show excitement for any kind of celebration.

Notice: This partying face emoji become approved under the name with party horn and party hat back in 2018 as a part of Unicode collection 11.0 and later added to Emoji 11.0 in 2018.

Similar emojis

In any context of celebration, birthday cake, balloon, clinking glasses, bottle with popping cork, and party popper are all the emojis that are quite very similar to Partying Face emoji. Each of the different types of emojis delivers a unique message.

Also known as

🥳 Yay!

🥳 Cheer

🥳 Celebrate

Name in Apple

🥳 Party Face

Unicode Name

🥳 A face with a party hat and party horn


All Apple Versions like Apple, iOS 14.6, and iOS 12.1 have the same emoji.


All Google Versions like google, Android 12.0, Android 11.0, and Android 9.0 have the same emoji.


Samsung Versions like One UI 3.1.1 and Experience 9.0 have the same emoji.


All Microsoft Version like Microsoft, Windows 10 May 2019 Update, and Windows 10 October 2018 Update have the same emoji.


All WhatsApp versions like WhatsApp,, and 2.19.379 have the same emoji.


All Twitter versions like Twitter, Twemoji 13.1, and Twemoji 11.0 have the same emoji.


All Facebook versions like Facebook,13.1, and 3.0 have the same emoji.


🥳 U+1F973


:partying_face: (Github, Slack)