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Disney Characters personality quiz if they were a real person

You must be wondering how would the famous Disney characters look like if they were human. This article features the images of 7 iconic Disney characters that were reinterpreted by the Finnish artist Jirka Vince Jonatan as the actual human beings. Sit back and enjoy the memories of the famous Disney characters.

  1. Queen Elsa from Frozen

The queen of Frozen, Elsa, flaunts her perfectly redefined and sleek style in the most striking manner. The queen born with the magic of ice and snow was first intended to be presented as a tragic and dramatic villain.

2. Moana from Moana

Reflecting the image of the optimistic and lively daughter of Chief Motunui must have been very daunting. The natural beauty that shines brighter from her personality is everyone’s favorite.

3. Jane from Tarzan

Jane’s lively, energetic, and beautiful look was perfectly taken by the artist. It is very hard to divert attention from her striking eyes which made her look more beautiful.

4. Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty

Everyone is in love with the personality of Prince Philip. His lively presence is making everyone stunned even before he speaks the word out of his mouth.

5. Rapunzel from Tangled

Rapunzel popularly recognized as the beauty queen has a very curious personality as she was always curious about the curious world around her. Her kind, loving, caring, and energetic personality was what captured everyone’s heart to such a great extent.

6. Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

Most men ended up showing their relief that there is no Prince Eric in real life, otherwise they would have absolutely gotten jealous of Ariel.

7. Cinderella from Cinderella

Cinderella is everyone’s favorite Disney character regardless of their age and gender. The artist had perfectly portrayed her natural beauty and elegance.