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Artist created wholesome series of illustrations of pregnancy and childbirth

The feeling of being loved is magical and it’s the most beautiful thing. It’s fabulous to find somebody who is consistently there for you, who urges you to develop and improve, and who acknowledges you for your true self. When you finally get to know how much love is conceivable, it will be disclosed to you. Therefore, Amanda Oleander’s story is so captivating to read. She was in the air when she and her husband discovered she was pregnant in 2020. It was Amanda’s plan to depict her life undertakings. You can read walk through the phases of her pregnancy with the help of detailed illustrations.

Announcing a pregnancy

She said,” I am expecting!” I am speechless and have so many things to say. I and Joey are so happy with the addition to our family.

We are already in love with you

Another human is taking birth inside me, it actually appears to be strange when you realize there’s another heartbeat within you, and a little human is sucking its thumb, and when I eat something my stomach looks the same as it does previously. It’s great to realize that the baby is moving inside me and watching my expanded belly. All of this is occurring so rapidly, yet I’m taking everything in. Joey is monitoring the child and conversing with it, inspired by the illustration.

Shower Nausea

This illustration was inspired by the most recent episode of me vomiting while taking shower. All that I Ate was vomited even after eating the popcorns. I feel nausea after every time I take shower and especially after cleaning my teeth. Its commonly known as morning sickness. I have started feeling better in the second trimester, similarly as everyone anticipated. A Lemon cut tasted and smelled so great whenever I feel nausea.

We are thankful to God for this life

Many people woke up like this and it is really great. It’s a great blessing to have to experience this love.

Its called Pregnancy poop

Pregnancy constipation is the worst thing that could happen to anyone. I never got scared of giving birth and the pain that comes with it because I thought nothing could relate to it. But probably nobody talked about the constipation part. Thankfully I was in my home. I called my mom right away and she brought me a cup of water along with soluble fiber. Joey also keep checking me and bringing me whatever I needed.

Maternity Sleep

It’s been 20 weeks now and I am unable to sleep on my back. I used to sleep on my left side with a massive maternity pillow as it was good for the baby and there was another pillow behind me. I always go to sleep by telling Joey that I miss him because I feel so far from him. We slept last night like this. Joey’s hands were on my belly and he felt one of the hardest kicks yet. We both got so excited and fell asleep so happily.

Pregnant together

This illustration was inspired by Joey, he was pushing his belly out to copy me when we brush teeth together.

Do you feel it?

This is inspired by one of our nights when I and Joey hold each other and said this at least once to one another ‘Do you feel it? Do you feel how much I love you?

I always think about the cycle of life, about souls, and about before or afterlife journeys. An idea shared by @amandakloots really touched me. I am rephrasing here something like this: When a child is in the mother’s belly, the child knows that what they see and hear, yet several inches separate from the world, the feel, the sounds, the people that love them. Only a couple of inches, but the baby doesn’t know that there is a limitless measure of room. Just imagine those people we have lost are as distant to us as babies in the belly, possibly they are entirely near us but we don’t know since we can’t see, we’re in the belly and we wouldn’t know until we die and they have been so close to us throughout this time by Loving and caring for us.

I felt a Kick


It is always exciting whenever joey feels the movement. This illustration portrays our nightly routine when we feel and talk to him. Only 3 weeks left until the start of the 3rd trimester. Time is really flying.

Back Relief

I have started suffering from back pains. It was a real relief whenever I lean in the shower and water hit my back. I started walking every single day right after I started getting back pains. If you have been following me for so long then you would know that I have always tried incorporating daily walks for years but there’s always something that comes in between. Now it’s been a month that I have been doing the walk and realized that all my back pain is going. I have started feeling so energetic that I didn’t even feel it before pregnancy. I usually go on a walk with my little brother. I also tried using different creams, back stretches, massages, etc, but nothing worked. I wanted to share this experience because nothing works magical than a daily walk. My goal was to take 10,000 steps a day/ about 3.5 miles.

Baby Bump

I am really enjoying the journey of being pregnant and that too along with Joey.

Belly Cuddle

This illustration was inspired by two nights ago when Joey felt slept cuddling me and my belly while I was reading before bed.

Pregnancy Bliss

“Second trimester Vs First Trimester.”

I know every mother’s journey is different. The second trimester was so easy. Only one week left till it’s ending and then I will enter the third trimester. After all of this, there would be a sudden turn in this journey. Let’s see what happens next! I’m really looking forward to all of this.

I’m Here

I love and share the fun time with Joey when we both experience the baby’s movement.

Late Night Food

Sometimes it felt like that I am not growing a baby but a teenager because I need snacks the whole day. My stomach starts grumbling often at 10 PM. I eat bananas and nuts as quick hunger pangs.

Baby Songs

Our baby starts kicking every time when joey starts playing guitar and sings a song. It’s too sweet to feel the kicks every time when he hears music.

Magical Body

I am really thrilled to see the body transformations throughout this journey. I felt gratitude for this body by seeing how capable is it to accommodate two souls and humans at the same time. I’m motivated to take care of my body even more than before. I’ve mentioned in the past that I don’t feel my body, mind, and soul working together. but now during pregnancy, I felt them all aligned working to give the baby a healthy and happiest environment.


I have been nesting for now. Our baby will be here soon. Tomorrow is going to be 30 weeks. We have started preparing and organizing our home. It feels so good to see everything organized and cleaned. This pregnancy likewise motivated a child book that has been dealing with this previous week. I desire to end illustrating as soon as possible.


Morning Kickstart

The baby has started moving like a wild man. It’s how I am waking up these days.

Actions speak the loudest

It’s not about making fruit salads but it’s about how you make me feel every morning. Each bowl is made of love and it makes them the best.

Baby Moon

I and Joey planned our pregnancy even before the pandemic. We were extra safe and didn’t want to plan a baby shower or to go on a babymoon. I am really in need of a vacation before the start of our drastic change in life.


Me and Joey finally packed our bags to the hospital on our big day. I learnt about newborn stem preservation with CBR before the birth of our baby. I am so glad to coloraborate with #CBR and grateful to spread the word about this advancement in science.

Finally here

I faced several complications with epidurals and found out that the baby was to big for me to give birth without surgery (9lb 8oz). I had a c-section and Benny was born on a Monday night. He was very healthy and i am so glad. I am doing better and looks like we are going home tomorrow.

Nursing Dessert

This illustration is from last night. I fed benny and was going to eat dessert after i finish feeding him. Joey Brought Strawberry Oats Crumble straight from the oven.

Postpartum days

Having my mother and my mother-in-law at our postpartum helped me a lot in parenthood. We share our feelings with each other. Me and Joey took online @tinyhood parenting classes before the birth of our baby and it really helped us.

Sleeping baby

I wake up early and every day i am trying to look forward to my long to-do list. I nurse Benny and he sleeps on me with a warm hug after the burp session. The list disspears and nothing else matters. I look at my son’s sleepy face and it brings too much happiness on my face. These feelings are always described to me but i never understands that before becoming a mother. I close my eyes and sleeps with sleepy baby noises by holding him closer.

Baby Fever

This pictures describes our baby fever.

It seems so strange to think that I started illustrating my life journey when me and Joey were dating. I have illustrated our lives from falling in love to being married, moving to our house, becoming parents, and now illustrating my son.

Ear to Heart

Benny loves me for holding him like this.

Benny And the Jets

I never thought that producing milk would squirt out from so many distance and with such force.