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Before and after pictures of 8 women who tried the bangs hairstyle for the very first time

No matter which fashion era you live in bangs never go out of style. Not everyone can pull off their extremely funky and classy hairstyle but one needs a professional hairstylist to get the right bangs. This is a hairstyle that does not look good on every face shape, so when you have finally made up the decision for the bangs, you are taking a great risk for your hair. The only thing that you can do is to get the haircut from a professional hairstylist or you can also get the bangs all by yourself if you are skilled enough to do it or at least, you have the confidence to do it on your own.

Although bangs do not suit everyone and it is extremely difficult to pull off his hairstyle but this hairstyle should be tried by every girl out there at least once in their life. This hairstyle might look good on you but if it suits you, then you can pull off any look in the most striking way. But if it does not suit you, you can let it grow easily and make your hair ready for the next hairstyle.

Before and after photos:

This article features the pictures of before and after bang hairstyle transformation that will surely convince you to get this for yourself.

  1. This picture shows before and after picture of a beautiful women who had a shoulder-length hairstyle but later get it transformed into a nice pixie cut that suited her way too much.

I took the chance and got my haircut!

  • This beautiful young girl pulled off front bangs in the most attractive way. The bangs made her look beautiful, classy, and stylish.

Finally got bangs after so many month’s decisions.

  • This picture shows before and after picture of a young girl with curly hair who got the bangs all by herself and changed her look.

It took months to finally gather the courage to cut by my own and I like it so much!

  • Another picture showing a beautiful girl with long hair who decided to transform it into classy bangs.

I cut and dyed my hair all by myself, not sure if it suited me, but it looks fine!

  • This beautiful young girl transformed her beautiful long hair into bangs by herself and is very happy with what she has done.

My cowlick hair was the bane of my existence and prevents me from getting the bangs ever. But I was really very impulsive the other day and grabbed the kitchen scissors and cut them into bangs myself.

  • This picture before and after picture of a girl with blonde hairstyle who changed it into the bangs and seems very satisfied with her hairstyle.

My hair transformation turned out so well!

  • This incredible transformation from bald to bangs is really very impressive.

Took me 10 months of hair growth! (And 30lbs)!

  • This shocking transformation of a girl from brown long hair to green short bangs is beyond everything.

Took the leap and got the hair of my dreams!