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What happens when you combine famous Paintings and Pop Culture: Artist creates 7 Collages to answer that question

There are many artists who are famous for their paintings. Leonardo de Vinci is the world’s famous painter. He is famous for his creative artistic world. His paintings are different from other artists because of his artistic concepts.

People adore his paintings as they are full of inspiration.


He used humor in this painting. This picture portrays an old picture of an old man who later became Mona Lisa after shaving.


Why is there even a need of mixing Kardashian with art?


The original painting is changed with Angelina Jolie’s face. This combination made this painting even more attractive and funny.


This painting is humorously changed from the picture of a Pop star to a male pop star. People really like this picture and it creates a great fan following for him.


The real picture of the girls is changed with the cartoon faces. This picture gathered a huge response from the audience and they liked it a lot.


It looks humored. Here you can see the picture from the Caribbean captain that is mixed with the old work.


This black and white picture is mixed with the colored image. This picture truly reflects the piece of creativity on the road of a couple. The colorful image grabs the audience’s attention right away.