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8 women sharing their postpartum body experiences with the public

Kids are usually warned about their body changes when they reach puberty age. They are told that this body change is totally natural and they are beautiful in every way. However, when women are expecting, they are not given the same level of comfort and relief about the change in their bodies. Today, women are told that they have to embrace the change in their bodies, the stretch marks, and everything that a body of a woman goes through during the entire period of pregnancy and even after giving birth. Not just this, they are told that they need to get back in shape after going through all these challenges.

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Fortunately, this is increasingly changing with the passage of time as the new moms are being honest and happily sharing the challenges they went through during and after this period. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the changes in the women’s body are beautiful and the women experience struggles with some great changes in their bodies.

The Instagram account @takebackpostpartum features the incredible journey of mothers sharing their postpartum experiences with the public, all of which are reality-based.

The body changes are beautiful

When women are expecting a baby, there is no doubt about the fact that their bodies will go through some major or minor changes and will get scars. That change in their bodies, the stretch marks, and the scars, all of these does not only reflect the beauty of the maternity but also represent the strong power of the women. One needs to admit that these scars are not flaws but they are beautiful in their own way. At least, we should not see fault in something that has given us so much.

Motherhood is beyond everything

Going through the changes can be very stressful but it is surely very rewarding. When one is ready to start a new life as a mother, one needs to know the fact that acceptance is everything. This new mother with her beautiful smile showed that parenting is not that tough if one is determined with the changes and responsibilities one has to face.

Being a mom to a firstborn baby is not so easy

If you are being a new mom to your first child, there must be a lot of cries and tears. Everyone should show concern and be supportive to the new moms as postpartum anxiety and depression is a real thing that everyone faces. This picture shows the effort of a new mom who is going through a lot of emotions.


Women are often told about the standards of beauty they had to achieve after postpartum, which is really very impossible. Why is normal for someone to tell the new moms about how their bodies should look like? When did it become normal to give unique and raw opinions on anyone else’s bodies? This woman tried to give birth to 10 babies out of which only 4 were born alive. Regardless of the tragedy, she has faced, still she has a very beautiful motive in life.

Stretch marks transformed into art

This new mom had gone through several body changes, scars, and stretch marks after giving birth to her child. But she was not ashamed of her body and neither had she tried to hide them, rather, she decided to turn the scars into tattoos.

All the moms are superwomen

No matter whether a mother had given birth to a single baby, twins, or triplets, she is always a superhero. This picture shows the effort of a mother who gave birth to triplets. She has now managed to do all her house chores outside her house by wearing all three of them on her chest.

The emotional dilemma

A woman giving birth to a child goes through so much emotional stress that she has no idea how to cope it with. No doubt, emotional stress takes a toll on every mother’s health. This picture shows both the heart-wrenching emotions and the incredibly amazing power of a mother. Mothers need to know that they are not alone.

Women are so powerful

Everyone needs to embrace the fact that postpartum depression and anxiety is a real thing that causes several effects on women’s mental and physical health. Women give empathy to themselves that they are powerful, that is even stronger.