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“My 600-lb Life” star Amber Rachdi opens up about her 420lbs weight-loss journey

This is really incredible news! Amber Rachdi “My 600-lb Life” star joined the show when she was only 23 years old. When the show went on air, the young woman confessed about her body weight which was almost 657 pounds and told that her body weight had made her really awful and insecure. She also told that her overweight has led to massive anxiety that caused over-eating and unfortunately she was unable to do the daily chores of life without the help of others.

Soon after joining the show, she caught everyone’s eyes and became famous in the public after becoming part of the show “My 600-lb life”. Throughout her childhood, she struggled hard with being massively overweight. Her friends and her family tried their best to help her in any way but sadly her awful situation couldn’t make them figure out the next step.

Amber got the best assistance from some famous doctors and trainers after becoming part of the show and became recognized among the public with the most inspiring story from the TLC reality show. Today, her massive transformation has made her really unrecognizable.

This article features the incredible transformation photos of Amber Rachdi on how she lost 420lbs on the reality show.

Amber suffered the overweight issues since the beginning of her childhood

Amber had gone through overweight problems since her childhood. She was 160lbs when she was just 5 years old, which is not normal as kids at that age are usually 40lbs. The doctors made sure to warn her family about her massive bodyweight which could cause a problem for her in the future but sadly, they couldn’t help it anyway.

Her family did everything possible to help her

It was quite very understood to Amber’s family that amber’s weight-loss dream will lead to nothing more than a failure. But, she was good at hiding her feelings throughout. Her parents took her to every doctor they could and they told her family that her body size is decreasing her lifespan. Her family finally encouraged her to join the famous TLC “My 600-lb life”.

The doctors warned her

It is said by every doctor that the person suffering from the illness knows how to get past it and how to overcome it. Deep down inside, Amber knew that she could make things better all by herself if she became determined enough. The doctors warned Amber about her health multiple times and asked her to adopt a healthy lifestyle if she really wants to lead a healthy life.

Her anxiety caused her to overeat.

Overeating is usually common among people who suffer from anxiety disorders. Amber went through the same situation and found relief and comfort in eating. She told that she took heavy meals more than 5 times each day.

Amber adopted a new lifestyle

To ensure a positive and healthy lifestyle change, she started following a new therapist and made every possible effort to make healthy life sessions to lead a healthy life. All her therapists and fitness couches made her realize that she needs to switch from fast food to healthy food. At first, she felt impossible to implement but she gathered courage and did not lose hope, and started embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Amber decided to live a new way of life

After joining the show, she met Dr. Nowzaraden. She knew that changing her lifestyle could make everything possible. However, she was determined and did whatever it takes to lead a better life. All her efforts over the next months made her lose only 17 pounds.

Amber finally achieved her weight-loss journey

Although the weight-loss journey felt like a very daunting challenge to her she made it to almost 420lbs. The 23 years old Amber Rachdi is now finally very happy when she sees herself standing in the mirror. Her friends and family are also very happy to see her like this. Now when everything is going perfectly, she became more confident and decided to complete her studies again which she left due to her anxiety due to being overweight.