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8 surprising Secrets of pretty women that even their fans don’t know

Pretty women is an American comedy movie that was released in 1990. It’s been 3 decades since this movie first hit our TV screens. This outstanding movie also came with some behind-the-scene experience just like other movies. We have gathered a list of pretty women secrets from Julia Roberts dresses to Richard Gere losing his tooth on set.

1. Strict security at the set

You probably have seen this beautiful neckpiece that Vivian was wearing in the movie. Many people think that it was not real but just a prop. Well, this isn’t true! This stunning neckpiece was made custom by the famous French Jeweler, Fred Joallier. The necklace was worth $250,000 at that time. Therefore, they had strict security at the set to avoid any mishap.

2. Benefits of being in a big-budget film

Julia Robert told the magazine that she absolutely love being cast for this movie. She told her about the favorite scene from the movie was when she got a chance to drive in Hollywood and that too in a much expensive and luxurious car.

 3. Actresses got nervous too

Julia Robert when signed this movie, knows what this role would require from her. When she started shooting for the film, she really got nervous with the romantic scene that even one time her vein popped out of her head. The shoot had to stop and gave Julia a head massage so that she can get back to normal.

5. Opera with a hidden message

Probably everyone fell in love with the scene when Edward took Vivan to the opera to see “Italian La Traviata”. In reality, no one knows that the Opera is about a man who fell in love with the women of the night, and this exactly happens in the movie.

6. Pretty Women Set:

Many people know that the movie was shooted in the upscale Beverly Hills and Film studios in LA. However, in reality, the majority part of the movie was shot in Regent Beverly Wilshere Hotel. This hotel permitted access from both indoor and outdoor.

7. The beautiful Red dress fact

Initially, it was decided that Vivian will wear a Black dress to the Opera. But the designer Marilyn Vance convinced that Vivian should wear a bright red dress. And Finally, Vivian hit the screen with a beautiful iconic red dress.

8. Richard Gere piano skills surprised everyone

Do you remember Richard playing piano in the Scene? Well, initially it was decided to hire a pianist for this scene, but nobody knows that Richard also got some tricks for playing it. He surprised everyone with this piano skills.