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Before and after pictures of the least beautiful women of the 90s

The 90s are ended a long time ago but it just seems like yesterday. Back in time, we love rushing home after work to watch our most favorite show of that time and praise the beautiful actresses and sing our hearts out to the most popular songs. This is how time flies.

This article features the pictures of old times of some really beautiful actresses of the 90s and how they have changed themselves with the passage of time.

Claire Danes

Who doesn’t know the popular American actress Claire Danes of the 90s who was famous for her role in Romeo and Juliet? The super young actress at that time cut an area in the Hollywood industry at the board of the young designer DiCaprio. Danes played a lead role in many famous movies and was known among the most famous actresses of that time.

Tiffany Thiessen

Tiffany Thiessen was recognized as the most famous teenager of the 90s. She often competed with Kelly from Saved by the Bell and then moved to metropolis 90210 immediately.

Sarah Michelle Geller

The very popular Sarah Michelle was very well-known in the mid-1990s. Her huge success in Buffy the Vampire Slayer had made people very intrigued about the popular actress. She appeared on the top of the list of sexiest women charts and people were very confident about her success which will never doom to failure.

Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky’s name always comes up with controversy. Her name used to emerge among the best controversy of the 90s and was believed to be Bill Clinton’s lover. Although, she never wanted to be a part of any controversy she was the most known and important actress of the 90s.

Monica also had an affair with the former president that made her famous all around the world, also, she had referenced in music, film, and television. However, she wanted to get out of all this scandalous mess that could ruin her life. Therefore, she used her fame to work on cyberbully campaigns, fashion design, and host TV programs.

Tatyana Ali

Tatyana Ali popularly recognized among the public as Ashley Banks is very adorable, mature, and sweet and has been influencing her throughout her time in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The sitcom popular actress used her fame to release her album just like co-star Can Smith, although she never imagined herself in the world of music just like him.

During the time period of the 2000s, she also played many small roles in some films and was popularly known for her fashion aesthetics. She was recognized as the beauty with brains. She did her BA from Harvard in African Yankee Studies and later became an eHarmony envoy.

Pamela Anderson

The list of the iconic women of the 90s is incomplete without Pamela Anderson. Another legend of the Hollywood industry David Hassel became Paparazzi’s favorite and was constantly shown up in the magazines. Pamela Anderson became popular in the most famous series Baywatch, she is still so attractive and beautiful.

Tori Spellings

During the 1990s, she became an icon of the youth and earned her high status in the industry. Her father was a famous Hollywood casting director, her father’s role contributed well to make her famous in the industry, and was offered a role of 90210.

She had also played a reality show with her husband Dean and recently she began working on her relationship with her mother as it’s been ages since she spoke to her.

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