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8 people continued doing some unusual things even after knowing what they were doing

Every person out there wishes to do something different at least once in their lifetime. Anyone who finds an opportunity to do something never misses out on the chance and never became disappointed in what they have done. Sometimes, these opportunities lead to teaching some moral lessons in life.  

Some group members took some pictures and compared them with some random stuff. This article features the pictures of some famous characters and compared them with quite a funny criticism.

The party went wrong

Iceland food made an advertisement for their new product on social media with the hashtag that was initially read wrong at the first sight. But after a keen concentration on the hashtag, people can easily know what the hashtag is really about.

Misplacement becomes the best placement

Thomas’ company put on the price sticker of the product exactly on the name of the product which has not only made the people confused but also made them more focused on the product.

Bizarre tissue box creativity

The placement of the Spiderman picture on the tissue box goes wrong. The wrong side opening of the tissue box with the Spiderman picture becomes a reason for the people to laugh.

Butter price made everyone laugh

The workers at the grocery store accidentally pasted the butter price sticker exactly on the top of the product name which changed the name of the product in the funniest manner and became the source of a great laugh for the people. The hidden name of the product got tons of attention from the audience.

The title spoiled the picture

The caption of the picture over the face of a woman with the placement of “OO” on her eyes spoiled the picture.  The letters “OO” right on the eyes make the picture look even funnier.

Kevin’s conversation on comments

Bone-shaped paper clips

This picture features bone-shaped paper pins which are very suitable for the pet clinic.

Superman in the water

This picture shows the weird placement of the superman painting on the wall over the water fountain. People looking at the wall from behind shows a weird response to the superman painting.