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8 women went freestyle with their makeup and hairstyle looks

Makeup is something that makes a woman feel happier. But still, it takes effort to achieve the perfect makeup look. Not just the makeup look but the hairstyle also has an important role in reflecting the overall look of a woman. Oksana Trunova and Olga Tarasova are a superhero duo from Moscow who are experts when it comes to hair, they give exactly what you want. Their professional experience has brought smiles to many women’s faces. Oksana with her amazing makeup skills gives the best makeup transformation to women. While on the other hand, Olga with her super hairstyling skills gives the perfect hairstyle to women. This perfect hair-makeup duo started her work 5 years ago and efficiently pull off the desired needs of the clients. Their creative mind is the solution to every female’s needs.

  • This before and after picture of a woman is simply gorgeous and shocking. The soft curly hairstyle with the no-makeup makeup look and defined brows gave her the most attractive and stylish look.
  • Who says short hair doesn’t look good on females? This gorgeous woman transform her hair from shoulder length to a pixie haircut which made her look beyond beautiful. Her attractive colored eyes go well with the overall look.
  • This beautiful woman has a natural beauty with her green-colored eyes and highly defined cheekbones that have made her look even more gorgeous and prettier. She just got her hair color changed to red to suit her skin tone and kept a natural makeup look.
  • This amazing transformation is beyond words. No one can ever tell that both sides of the picture are of the same girl. The reddish-toned hair color with the slightly bold makeup look is surely going to capture everyone’s eyes.
  • This grandma shows the most perfect overall transformation. The dark brown makeup with the dark brown hair has complimented her overall look. She looks amazingly gorgeous.
  • This woman has undergone the most stylish transformation from straight hair to pretty soft curls with the perfectly balanced makeup look that has made her look more beautiful.
  • This picture of a beautiful smiling woman shows the most attractive change in her look with just a little change in her hairstyle and a defined face contouring.
  • This transformation is simply beautiful. The no-makeup makeup look with the platinum hair has spruced up her overall beauty.