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People share their incredible experience through pictures by meeting with celebrities

People are fond of watching their favorite celebrities on tv shows or movies. Most lucky ones also get a chance to meet them at any event or bumping randomly into public places. But we can’t anticipate meeting with superstars in ordinary daily routines. On the off chance, if somebody gets to see them then they can’t wait to talk or to have a picture with them. Their fans also gather to see their favorite celebrities at public events. More often the experience of meeting them ends up being great.

We have gathered a few experiences of people who got a chance to meet them and here is the list of best ones to see.

  1. I met John Cena

I met my favorite celebrity at a restaurant. He is a superstar and he is amazing.

2. I met Bruce Campbell

I met Bruce Campbell at a wedding reception in 1997. See we are sharing the strawberry here.

3. I met Hidetoshi Imura while shopping

I was walking and noticing his shirt but never thought it was him. My heart literally stopped here.

4. My dad met with Muhammad Ali in 1970

I hope his dad was fine after this click.

5. My dad sent me my mum’s picture sitting with Chris Prat at a charity dinner

My mum told me that he was so generous that it didn’t feel at one moment he is a celebrity. He was very caring and concerned about the lives of the people. Furthermore, he told that he was much excited about his 6-years old kid who will start going to Kindergarten.

6. I met with Christian Bale in the sky

I was so excited to see him sitting next to me on five hours flight. But I didn’t bother him much and remained quiet. Suddenly, I asked him for a photo and told him I’m such a big fan. I really wished to talk to him more but didn’t feel like disturbing him.

7. I met Guy Fieri, the mayor of Flavortown

I only got a few minutes to talk to him but he is very humble and was super cool.