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Weird celebrity facts that will change your perception of them

All the famous celebrities are wealthier, beautiful, confidential, and are admired by millions of people around the world. You adore them so much, maybe you have not wondered if they have secrets. Every celebrity has a different embarrassing story that they don’t even want to remember for the rest of their lives. This article features the stories of some famous celebrities that include having the weirdest body parts to smuggling that will surely change your views about them.

Rob Lowe lost his hearing ability due to mumps

Mumps is a horrible disease that leaves no one alive even the children but luckily saved the life of Rob Lowe. Being suffered from the disease lost his hearing potential from one ear. Lowe said that it is really very frustrating to be in a noisy restaurant when you can only hear with one ear, it’s hard for him to believe that this thing. He couldn’t feel too glad about the classical music released by his west wing costars.

Bill Murray tried smuggling 10 pounds of weed

Bill Murray after celebrating his 20th birthday was ready to catch the flight to Denver at the Chicago airport where he was stopped by the security as he was found with bricks of marijuana in his luggage that was worth $20,000. His waiting at the airport line became a great mistake for him. Someone overheard the conversation between Murray and his fellow traveler about having the two bombs in his suitcase, which Murray was just joking around and reported the conversation to the security. After which, Murray’s luggage was checked and they did not find any bombs but the bricks of weed. He was not sentenced to jail but suffered five probation years as he was a first-time criminal.

Ryan Gosling was almost the part of Backstreet Boys

Many people know that Ryan Gosling started his acting career with The Mickey Mouse Club but people did not know that he was almost in the group of Backstreet boys. Ryan was almost close to becoming part of the rival boy band of his babyhood costar. Ryan did not wonder that this band would become such a big hit. However, he was very much sure about getting out of the boy’s band and starting his career as an actor, which became very successful. He made the right choice for himself. He decided to become part of Backstreet Boys but then he wouldn’t be in The Notebook.

Rebel Wilson thought of becoming an actress after a bad experience

Rebel Wilson was a studious person whose only concentration was on getting good grades and her school work. A trip to South Africa changed her life which made her think of becoming an actress. On her trip, she caught malaria for two weeks. However, when she recovered from her illness, she thought of going into an acting career.

Megan Fox has a belief in Leprechauns

Megan Fox is popularly recognized for playing the role of a beautiful girl who is really very smart. She didn’t believe that the Lucky Charm Mascot was going to steal her cereal but she does have a belief in Leprechauns. In an interview, she said that she has a child-like spirit. She wanted to believe in the things that people find weird and silly.