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7 biggest famous TV show blunders that you haven’t noticed before

Nobody in this world is born perfect. Even the perfect-looking thing isn’t perfect at all. It’s just our eyes that cannot point flaws or mistakes because we get so involved with what’s happening inside in the scene. A lot of money is spent on the production of the movies and sometimes some things get overlooked which turns out to be hilarious or goofy mistakes.

Here are some hilarious and weird mistakes of the best-known TV shows with some explanation. Check out below and enjoy a bit more while finding what went wrong!

1. Friends

In an episode of Friends, Rachel’s necklace was really observed and found magical when it first disappears and reappears in the same scene at a restaurant. She was wearing the necklace with a V-neck line which was very observed in this scene.

2. Sons of Anarchy

In a scene in “Sons of Anarchy”, Opie was found breaking a car’s lock which was already opened that look too strange.

3. Game of thrones

Some really unexpected thing got caught in the finale of Game of thrones in a most important scene where the Great council was discussing the Fate of Iron Theron. A water bottle was found behind Samwell’s shoe and that is very bizarre.

4. Jane the Virgin

A miraculous recovery happened in the last season of the “Jane the Virgin” where Petra went to see her mom Magda in a hospital. In the scene, her mother was wearing a breathing mask which disappeared instantly. It was such a blessing for Petra that her mom recovered in a matter of seconds.  

5. Friends

Again, in the first season of friends, they indicated that Rachel and Monica lived in apartment no 5, whereas, Joey and Chandler lived in apartment no 5.

Yet later, they felt that the apartment are not adjusting as per prerequisites of the description. They changed the room numbers in order to show that the apartment is on the top floor.

6. The Tudors

Mark was seen playing violin in season 2 of “The Tudors”. The violin which was played by Mark was doesn’t even exist at that time in which they were showing mark playing it. Moreover, the placement of his finger was so wrong!

7. The Simpsons

How can we forget about the most-watched TV show “The Simpsons”?

A mistake was even found in Simpsons too!

You will be surprised to see the picture of Maggie on the wall behind Marge when pregnant Marge was telling to husband about her new baby (Maggie).