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7 times people cheated the systems by letting them feel like they belong

Our identity comes from our sense of belonging. It is impossible to determine where we belong unless we know who we are and our purpose of being in this world. Some people are so curious about finding the roots of themselves that they spend their lives searching for it. But then there come people who know about the system hackings.

A subreddit named r/ActLikeYouBelong has 520k members and you must be wondering why it has so many members. It features the pictures and videos of people who show off themselves as something that they are not in real. From a delivery driver sealing alcohol to a woman making her way to the music festival as a photographer, you will be surprised to know how these people escape effortlessly without getting caught.

  • The best mother ever

This picture is proof that a mother can go beyond anything for her child’s happiness. It is a top priority of every mother to see their child happy.

  • The imposter who played with the police

This picture shows exactly the way to get away when you are being chased by the police. This is something incredibly amazing. Well Done!

  • Individuals dresses as a bus

The Russians have never failed to impress. Here 4 individuals were dressed as a bus in an attempt to cross the bridge.

  • Father pretend to be Morocco’s prime minister

A father who tried to get a reservation at the restaurant when failed called back pretended to be Morocco’s prime minister got the best food at the restaurant and give a signed plate to the chef.

  • A real brother will do everything

What is better than having the best friend who gives you on the battlefield. This true friendship story should be taught to everyone at school.

  • Interview hacks

If you don’t feel like being the right fit for the job, take a look at this boy’s story.

  • You can eat for free

I need friends who tell me the way to get free food. But to be honest, this isn’t possible.