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8 everyday use things that are going missing slowly

Today’s generation is getting involved in doing things that are totally different from the past generation. Due to the advancement in time, people are more into making the purchases for the things that are useful to them rather than wasting money on the common stuff, which they consider is quite a waste of money. They usually prefer saving money for useful essentials. You will be surprised to know there were scores of things from the past that are not available in the market now. This article features a list of some most common things that people no longer consider buying.

  • Napkins

Napkins being the most important thing for the dinners is losing their value among the people as they now consider buying paper towels over napkins as they are more absorbent in nature.

  • Fabric softener

People today have discontinued the use of fabric softeners. Some do not know the purpose of the fabric softeners while some are not using it anymore as they believe that it is making the fabric more flammable due to some toxic chemicals present in it.  

  • Postcards

Gone were the days when people used to send postcards to their families and friends with heartfelt messages on special occasions. Due to the advancement in technology, mobile phones, and social media platforms have taken over postcards giving people a hassle-free solution to convey their messages to their loved ones effortlessly.

  • Mayonnaise

People’s love for mayonnaise was never-ending. They liked it so much that they made a mayo topping on top of everything. But then, people stopped making the purchase for the mayonnaise as they believe that it is quite unhealthy for them. Now the mayonnaise is replaced by Greek yogurt which has become everyone’s favorite now.

  • Landlines

There was a time when landlines were the only mean of communicating with the people. Today, due to the emergence of technology, finding a landline service is becoming a great hassle to people. As mobile phones have replaced landlines, people are now more relying on mobile phones for hassle-free contact with their loved ones.

  • Casual dining

Casual dining is not a thing today as it was used to be in the past. Young adults now prefer staying at home and treating themselves by ordering food rather than having a fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant. If restaurants really want to make sales, they need to bring back their audience by offering them something really exciting.

  • Fax machine

There was a time when people used fax machines to scan and send their important documents. Today, smartphones come with the feature of scanning documents which can be further sent for various purposes.

  • GPS device

GPS devices are now the thing of the past. As smartphones and cars, today are now introduced with built-in GPS systems, people are not considering buying GPS devices as useful as before.