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Psychology professor gets viral for exposing tiktokers sharing ‘facts’ that are totally false

Mental health is very significant and it is equally important as physical health. Good mental health has so much to do with the aspects of our lives. There are so many people who are more or less mentally healthy and all of this occurs throughout our lives especially when we deal with a difficult time.

Today in the world of social media, there are many people who share a lot of useful information. Similarly, a famous social media platform like TikTok also shares a lot of useful information like we learned so many safety tips and cleaning from TikTok. But that doesn’t mean that everything you see on this platform is useful. Likewise, there are also many people also created their own mental health facts on social media.

Dr. Inna Kanevsky is a psychology expert and calls out all tiktokers who are making false claims on TikTok to mislead people into believing them. The psychology professor who works at San Diego Mesa College created her own series of videos to expose these false claims. Her videos attracted a million audience on TikTok and she’s even popular on Reddit.

Dr. Inna stated “anytime you read phrases like ‘Psychology says,’ ‘Psychologists say,’ ‘Studies show,’ and the like, are most likely to be false if they are without any specific reference study or psychologists. It’s probably not going to be real assuming it’s a blog, a Reddit thread, a press piece that doesn’t reference or associate sources, a ‘medical’ site that is additionally not supported by exploration, or something almost identical.”

Scroll down to see how Dr. Inna exposes some false claims with the truth.


It is not even close to being a psychological fact because there’s no way you can prove or test it scientifically. Countless people use TikTok to clarify everyday myths which have no proof. The most exceedingly awful part is; an enormous crowd likewise trusts these facts and myths.


Professor discovered uncountable false information of psychology and thought to address it by making Tiktok videos for her students. Psychology seems an interesting topic to so many people which is the reason that not every person knows the significance of realistic proof behind such cases.


Here are the three signs that shouldn’t be discussed about psychology on Tiktok.

1. You are misusing other people’s mental health for your own clout.

2: You don’t give any proof for any of your claims.

3. You effectively actively block people who request you to give proof for your claims.

Please stop. Thank you


This is the most hilarious of all. Wearing black won’t cause you any stress. There is certifiably not a single piece of proof to propose that it does. Don’t state it as “according to latest science” unless there is actually the latest science behind it that proves it. There is no such thing as “Soft” or “hard” science. There is no science required at all.


It’s a reminder to you that don’t reduce the names of brain parts like this. It will make you resemble a dolt. Do exhaustive research while providing any information on Tiktok or any social media platform.


As discussed already, don’t say “according to science” when it isn’t, and also don’t say “studies shows” when no study has shown this. Your sleeping position doesn’t describe anything about you. It has absolutely nothing to do with science.


It’s a friendly reminder that perceptual phenomena are not the same as a personality test. These are ground illusions. It just says things about perception.