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Amazing transformation of people who gave up drugs

Everything matters about the people you love health, happiness, and life. Everything could be at stake if you really don’t appreciate it. This article features a collection of the most amazing, remarkable, and surprising transformations of people who have given up meth, heroin, and all other sorts of drugs to encourage people that everything is possible. Take a look at the before and after images of people who have quit drugs and share them with your friends to leave them in shock.

  • I had been injecting meth and heroin in my body when I was a teenager back then. The addiction led me to fall down the rabbit role. On 12th of December as 25 years old, I was all alone in an alley to take a heavy dose and die.
  • I had been fighting with an addiction all over my life. After 2.5 and 6 months later, I have gave up meth and the medication. 18 years later, I reclaimed by driving license. Now I am doing a full-time job.
  • My life was at a serious risk when I took a heavy dose. My doctor is still shocked how I survived. I was in the ICU for almost 10 days and I was unable to speak as my face was half paralyzed. As soon as I was discharged from the hospital, I started using it again. I was a broken and a shattered man, I went for having a professional assistance before I moved to a sober living environment. Till date, I have been sober for about 84 days. My face and my life, everything is fixed and changed. Everything did not go according to the plan but the recovery venture was worth the effort. Show this photo to your friends and family and show them what drugs can do to a person.
  • Few months earlier, heroin and meth caused me endocarditic which led me to the ICU. Despite the tremendous efforts of my doctors, they were shocked that I was alive. I didn’t mean to make but I tried to do so. God gave me the second chance to heal. At the end after two months, I left the hospital with the new opinion on life. Besides helping drug addicts to understand why they use it, doing behavioral counseling can greatly help them deal with stress, anxiety, and problems in a good manner.
  • The pictures show me in December 1995 and me in December 2017. I have overcome an addiction, homelessness, and the worst history of the jail.
  • Not too long ago, this is how I looked. My spouse had to deal with me like this when I was younger. This was how my little girls used to see me when they came in. My friends and family noticed this when I leave the house. I was so ill that I couldn’t do anything. I was close to the death. I was so sure that I couldn’t recover from this. I believed that it was impossible to survive without the drugs. I really wanted to die at that time. I didn’t understand how my life had been so short.
  • It’s been 4 years till date since I recovered from drugs. The venture was very struggling but it was worth the effort. I have a career, house, a fiancé, and a dog. Everyone needs to be strong.