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Famous celebrities who became mothers later in life

Planning for a family does not need a certain time period. Some begin planning for the family at an early age while some give a lot of thinking prior to taking this step in life. Things like these quite matter to the celebrities as they are more into making their successful career and stabilizing their financial status. This article features the list of some famous celebrities who decided to become parents later in their life simultaneously considering their careers.

1. Kris Jenner-41

Kris Jenner became a mother to 5 children at an early age. At the age of 41 years after her second marriage, she gave birth to Kylie Jenner. She is a very proud mother and is very proud of her children’s careers.

2. Kelly Preston-48

At the age of 48, Kelly Preston announced the birth of her baby in 2010 with John Travolta. Even giving birth to her son at 48 does not stop her from receiving a huge amount of love and support from her fans.

3. Janet Jackson-50

At the age of 50, Janet Jackson become pregnant due to which she had to cancel her trip to start her family. She had smoothly gone through that phase of life and wanted to keep the pregnancy news hidden but the media played a good role in spreading the rumors.

4. Nicole Kidman-41

Nicole with her ex-husband Tom Cruise adopted children and became a mother to two children. At the age of 41, she gave girth birth to her biological daughter with her husband Keith Urban.

5. Salma Hayek-40

At the age of 40 in the year 2007, Salma Hayek gave birth to her daughter after going through many pregnancy complications.

6. Naomi Watts-40

Naomi announced the birth of her son Sasha at the age of 39 and in the following year, she gave birth to her second son.

7. Jennifer Connelly-40

Jennifer Connelly after giving birth to two sons in the early years gave birth to her daughter at the age of 40. Agnes is now 10 years old and she is very proud of her daughter.