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7 Celebrities you didn’t know had a sibling

Does any of your family members have a hard time figuring out between you and your sibling when you met them after quite a while? If yes, then you would probably know how it feels like to be confused when you see celebrity siblings together. Some celebrity sibling looks so similar then you get a hard time recognizing which one is your favorite. Both may be doing their own things in the business, we can’t overlook the uncanny similarity between them.

Celebrity siblings from Selena Gomez to Bella Hadid, you will be extremely amazed to see the similarity between them. Try not to be hard with yourself once you discover they are really not twins.

Here is the list of 7 celebrity siblings that will leave you speechless with their resemblance.

  1. Taylor and Austin Swift

It will be hard to spot the difference if you put lipstick, wig, and dress on Austin. These both brother and sister resemble a lot but we can’t say that they are identical. Taylor and Austin have walked for many red carpets and people can clearly see their resemblance.

  1. Nikki and Nathan Reed

You won’t be having a hard time recognizing Nikki Reed if you have watched “Twilight Saga” and of course, you would know her because of her beauty. But nobody knew that Nikki has such a handsome brother. They don’t look identical but they have the same face shape.

  1. Gigi, Bella, and Anwar Hadid

Gigi and Bella are some of the top paid and famous models in the fashion industry. But you might not be aware of their brother named Anwar Hadid. Bella looked similar to Gigi when she was a kid but then she had her nose job done along with brown hair dye. People can easily tell about them beings siblings due to their beautiful grey-blue eyes.

  1. Dakota Johnson and Stella Banderas

You might have known Dokata Johson from her famous movie “fifty shades of grey”. The movie has two sequels that put Dakota in the spotlight and the star acquired more notoriety after this. But do you know about her sister Stella that looked similarly as beautiful as her?

  1. Karlie and Kimberly Kloss

Karlie and Kimberly looked beautiful together and seems like they would hit the runaway every time they walk out. However, they don’t look similar due to their difference in facial traits and height.

  1. Emma and Alex Watson

Emma had gained the spotlight after she was seen playing the character of “Hermione” in the famous movie named Harry Porter. But who knew that she had a doppelganger brother? Emma transformed her look back in 2010 into a pixie cut which made it hard for people to recognize between both of them.

  1. Ashley, Mary-Kate, and Elizabeth Olsen

In case you hadn’t definitely realized that these three are connected, would you accept that they are trios? While Mary-Kate and Ashley look precisely similar, Elizabeth has differences in her height. Something may have been in the water at the Olsen’s home since they all are simply shocking.