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Photos of parents before and after having the kids

There are scores of things involved that can entirely change your life. Those things not only change you but also change your thinking, mood, habits, preferences, dislikes, and everything. There is nothing wrong in saying that the changes take over you completely and you can do nothing about this than to embrace the reality.

Among those changes is parenting. Both the man and a woman think about doing so many things together after getting married to their dream partners. As a couple, they plan to accomplish so many things together but then suddenly all their priorities change when they get to know about the arrival of their newly born. Many couples give a lot of thought before deciding to become parents. But once they are into this world, they are ready to embrace all their responsibilities and duties to take care of their baby.

This article shows the pictures of the parents and the changes they had to experience after becoming parents to their newborn.

  1. Dressing up routine everyday vs. now

This picture features the husband and wife before having the kid. Before having the child, females dress up to impress their husbands and now they dress up like the characters or theme to please their baby and they are bound to do this.

2. Co-sleeping before vs. now

Everyone says that long-distance does not bother you when you truly love someone. But believe me, this is just a saying. Do not trust this.

3. Picture with the babies then vs. picture with the baby now

Gone were the days when you strike a pose with a group of your girlfriends, now you try to take the best picture of your baby forgetting about yourself.

4. The way your pet sleeps before and after

Before having the baby, your pet sleeps peacefully with closed eyes. Now, the pet sleeps with open eyes with the baby lying on them. It makes such a cute bond between the baby and the pet.

5. Newly married before vs. after

This is what happens to couples before and after having the child. This is how the couple feels, all exhausted and tired when they are not ready for parenting.

6. Couple goals before vs. after

Every married couple has different love goals to fulfill like making food together, watching movies together, and staying home together at the weekends. But, this is not what really happens when you have a child. The only thing that a couple can do together after becoming parents is napping.

7. Hearing beautiful words vs. hearing cries

Good were those days when you only used to hear the voice of your husband now all you are used to hearing is the crying of your babies louder.

All these pictures show the expression of couples about how they feel after becoming parents. Although, having a child is a dream of every couple out there but there are other more dreams that need to be fulfilled as well.