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Russian woman shared a cute bond with the bear after rescuing it

Which name of the country instantly hits up your mind when you are talking about the bears? Bears are seen as more common in Russia than any other country, even though it is not a national animal of Russia. Russians even adopt bears as pets in their homes which feels quite strange to know.

A Novosibirsk resident, Veronica Dichka, has a different pet from others to which she named Archie. She rescued this pet from the circus when it was just a little cub. Before, Archie used to live in the Safari park with other bears when the global pandemic took over the world. As time went by, taking care of the bears becomes difficult for the park’s management. It was a time when Veronica adopted that cute little bear.

Things are totally changed now as Archie has become a great part of Veronica’s life. Before doing the photoshoot with the bear, she knows about the bear. After making bear a pet, things have been changed since then.

Veronica rescued the bear in the time of despair from the circus and named the bear, Archie.  As the animal shelter had very limited resources to take care of the animals, she adopted the bear then.

Archie is now unable to survive in the wild and is entirely dependent on humans for survival. Both Veronica and Archie share a cute and happy bond together. Archie is a very disciplined and smart pet and knows some tricks.

Veronica is a model and a dancer and is accompanied by Archie on her fishing trip. Veronica takes complete care of Archie’s food and tries her best to keep him from malnourishment. They share a beautiful bond and enjoy each other’s company quite well.