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7 arrogant things people witnessed American tourists doing in other countries

People have observed Americans doing different childish and irrelevant things. A noisy tourist destroys the repute of other friendly and hospitable tourists. Local people would like everybody to be more respectful and manner fully particularly when doing abroad tours. Have you witnessed any tourist doing the strangest or discourteous thing in your home country? This question was asked by my Redditor Bugginette. In this case, Bugginette was particularly referring to American tourists.

But keep in mind, that not all American tourists are disrespectful and uncultured. We can also not say that the visitors from other countries are courteous. If you’re looking to check what Americans are doing then scroll down below into the shadowy side of tourism and know-how one must not behave when on vacation abroad.


By saying that Ireland is not properly Irish, and the best way to encounter true and traditional Irish culture is to visit Boston.


This is German. It would be better if you avoid paying visits to a concentration camp museum without understanding that in under 10 minutes you are going to be very angry by seeing the tourists being disrespectful.


I heard someone standing in Mcdonalds in a queue saying:

What’s the point of not accepting American Dollars at this Mcdonald’s?

However, this happened in Poland, Europe.


This was the most hilarious thing listened to by an American tourist who was complaining that they built Edinburgh Castle from the train station.


A Koala was shaken out of a tree in Australia Wildlife park.


A Nazi Salute was given in the middle of Berlin (Germany), near to Jewish memorial.


The person got pretty irate that my English sucked when asking me for directions. He said that I lived in Canada to which I am supposed to talk perfectly in English. But I am doing my best to interact despite the fact that I spoke French my entire life.